I first encountered Majorette when I visited Paris at the tender age of 9, way back in 1974. They were similar in size to Matchbox but Made in France not Made in England.

My Majorettes : 25 of them (March 6, 2015)

My Majorettes : 25 of them (March 6, 2015)

Today Matchbox and Majorette are both Made in Thailand. Of my twenty-one Majorette vehicles seven are Made in France, the others I assume are Made in Thailand, on the boxes it is marked but not on the car bases.
Update, latest Majorettes are Made in China (marked on box and vehicle base).

Majorette Models of Japanese Cars

Majorette Models of Japanese Cars

I don’t remember seeing Majorette in UK. From Paris I brought back a couple of models, if I remember correctly a Chrysler 180 and a BMW 3.0CSL (I no longer have the models from my childhood).

Three British Cars by Majorette

Three British Cars by Majorette

Here in Tbilisi, Georgia I haven’t found many outlets for Majorette. One I have found is Goodwill but their pricing is off putting they price Majorette at 6.05 lari ($3.60) compared to 4 lari ($2.38) for a Hot Wheels model. The Rally models are now stocked in Pepela, a chain of toy shops in Tbilisi but their price is 10.90  lari  for which I can buy two Hot Wheels cars and have change left. (update July 2017: Majorette are 7.70 lari in XS toys, compared to 6.90 lari for Hot Wheels).

majorette 006

Hot Wheels/ Majorette comparison

On the left a Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT2 on the right a Majorette Porsche 911. I can see little to justify spending an extra 50% for the Majorette. Quite a few Majorettes have opening doors something Hot Wheels very rarely do


majorette 004

In my collection I have over 25 Majorette Models. My favourites probably these slightly playworn Datsun 260Zs, the yellow one I found in a Paris fleamarket, Porte de Vanves, I don’t remember now where I found the blue one, possibly a UK Charity Shop.

Majorette Renaults

Majorette Renaults

My Majorette Collection

My Majorette Collection

My Majorettes: (in the picture)

  1. Toyota RAV 4 (Orange)
  2. Toyota RAV 4 (Red)
  3. Renault Megane 3 Coupe
  4. Renault Megane 2
  5. Jaguar XJ6
  6. Aston Martin DB7
  7. VW 1302 (Made in France)
  8. Datsun 260Z (Yellow) (Made in France)
  9. Datsun 260Z (Blue) (Made in France)
  10. Morgan (Made in France)
  11. Ford Mustang Convertible (Made in France)
  12. Porsche 911
  13. Renault Berlingo (Fire Dept)
  14. Volvo 760GLE 
  15. Cement Mixer
  16. Audi R8
  17. Peugeot 206 Rally

Not in the picture above but in the picture below,,,,

Renault Twingo            Cage Trailer with lion                  Reanult 4L Van (Made in France)

Toyota Lite Ace (Made in France)

Majorette Renault 4L van, Cage Trailer with lion, Toyota Lite Ace and Renault Twingo

Majorette Renault 4L van, Cage Trailer with lion, Toyota Lite Ace and Renault Twingo

Just bought a Majorette three pack (January 2015), now it would appear they are made in China (not Thailand or France).

Majorette Three Pack

Majorette Three Pack



4 thoughts on “Majorette

  1. HI I HAVE A BUNCH OF MATCH BOX MAJORETTE and others that are made in france and is at least 50 years old. most are in mint condition. However the collection is too great and I dont know enough about die cast to sell it as a group. I have been looking on ebay and have found some models like the peugeot 604. The collection is about 400 cars and i just picked out the majorettes. Tehre s also bunch of matchbox and conji stuff. I need help. if you are willing to be honest with me and tell me the truth in what i have (i may not know about die cast but im a very good internet shopper) and I will give you first dibs on it all. email me at if interested. ill send some pics

    • Thanks Steve, I live in former Soviet Georgia (so post doesn’t work here). I think if you are interested in finding people who know about Majorette the best place to find them is in Facebook Groups, there are a few for Majorette collectors…good luck.

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