doubles and trebles

Some models and castings, I like so much that I have more than one.


I love the Porsche 911 GT3R…here are two versions from Hot Wheels


…and three versions from Matchbox…


Two versions of the Toyota RAV4 from Majorette.

doubles and triples 006


Two slightly playworn versions of the Majorette Datsun 260Z.

Panhard 35CV x 5

These aren’t diecast but plastic, five versions of the Panhard 35CV made in Tbilisi.

Zaporozhets 966 and 968A

Zaporozhets 966 and 968A

Not quite doubles but a nice pair of Zaporozhets by DeAgostini.


Sometimes I want to keep one model in the packaging and have one loose like with this Mad Manga, a Hot Wheels model created in a Japanese custom style called: Bosozoku.


I have three identical Ferrari 430 Scuderias because it is a Treasure Hunt. TheTreasure Hunts are a marketing ploy by Hot Wheels to release cars in a supposedly limited edition. The editions may not be so limited but it increases their resale value, not that I’m  collecting to make money…but this is the only Treasure Hunt I have found to date. (Update found a 2012 Ford Fiesta Regular Treasure Hunt still looking for a Super Treasure Hunt).

Siku Porsche 911 Carrera S

Siku Porsche 911 Carrera S

There are not many in the current Siku range I want, but the Porsche 911 is always tempting, I have two colour variants of this model.


The Ford Mustang GT500 ’67 is a popular casting from Hot Wheels. I have three colour varants here and there have been several more. Strangely, although I have 17 Chevrolet Corvettes none are doubles.

Recently I’ve been hunting JDM cars and have two variants of this sweet ’70 Celica

hot wheels 006

Hot Wheels ’70 Toyota Celica

and two versions of the Hot Wheels Acura NSX

Acura NSX

Acura NSX


The crazy looking 69 Dodge Daytona Charger from Hot Wheels.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS x 2

'67 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

’67 Chevrolet Chevelle SS


I got a second Matchbox Dodge Challenger because as you can see the first was extremely playworn.


Austin Mini Van from Matchbox. Vans are ideal for duplicates…Lledo and Matchbox made several Model T Vans with various advertising. Vans don’t interest me much but I like these Minis.


Citroen DS 1968, Matchbox

The lovely Citroen DS from Matchbox in two colour variants.


And finally a FAKE Hot Wheel (sic) 71 Chevy CamaroThe packaging and the model intended to deceive Hot Wheels collectors.

Preparing this blog, I was surprised to see how many doubles and trebles I had accumulated. I would be interested to find other variants of the Citroen DS, Toyota 2000GT, Jaguar E-Type and of course the Porsche 911 GT3R.

My most models of a single casting is five for the Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-X. Why so many? My Philippines friends tell me the casting with the roll bar is rare, but not it seems here in Tbilisi, where four of my five models are replete with roll bar.

Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-X (version WITHOUT roll bar top right)

Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-X (version WITHOUT roll bar top right)


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