Mad Manga

I don’t usually collect cars which are conjured out of the imagination of a Hot Wheels’ Designer, but here I make an exception. Mad Manga designed by Jun Imai, is a crazy looking car in the Japanese Bosozoku style.

The model looks to have drawn inspiration from a ’73 Skyline and along with other recent releases shows Hot Wheels producing more cars from the JDM scene. The Fast and Furious Films especially the third one (Tokyo Drift) really showed the World what was happening in Japan. Looking more deeply into the culture there are other films like Initial D about the whole JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) scene, a film immortalising another Hot Wheels model the Toyota Corolla AE 86. More about Toyotas here:


In the 1990s in France, I enjoyed looking at mangas, the Japanese comics with a lot of action like Akira.


Mad Manga

To date there have been four colour variants of this model, of which I have two. The four can be seen in this video:

The two I have are my preferred choices, luckily, as they are the only ones available here. I love purple as a colour and the white, red and black one seems fitting for a Japanese model.

Who would have thought that you could walk into your favorite big-box retailer and pick up a kaido racer off the pegs? You couldn’t, until Mad Manga™ was created. Making this possible is the fact that it’s a Hot Wheels original design, giving us unlimited creative freedom. Adding the oversized ovafen, deppa,and takeyari pipes would likely have been a challenge on a licensed vehicle. ” Jun Imai


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