The only Japanese car I owned in real life was a Honda Civic, unfortunately I fell asleep driving it on the M1 and met the safety barrier on the central reservation. I was unhurt but the car had to be written off. I would love another Honda.


I have five diecast Hondas. Here are three: a Hot Wheels S2000, Matchbox Civic and Hot Wheels Acura NSX.

In the 1969 Matchbox Catalogue, the only Japanese vehicle was a Honda Motorcycle.


I had it as a child, but have none of my childhood collection now.

Hot Wheels and Realtoy both make a model of the S2000, I prefer the Hot Wheels version.


My fifth and final Honda is a Kinsmart Integra in 1/34 scale.


In Hot Wheels 2014 listings, there is a Honda Civic EF, which is high on my wants list alongside a Datsun ’73 Skyline. If I find it I promise not to crash it!

Found it! In a three pack with two cars I wasn’t too keen on….

honda three pack 001

’92 Honda Civic EF with Ultra Rage and Formula Street…it’s three pack companions.

Now I have three colour variants of the Honda Civic EF and three variants of the Acura NSX.

'90 Honda Civic EF in red, teal and black

’90 Honda Civic EF in red, teal and black


Honda and Acura

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