Japanese Makes : Subaru and Mazda

Having blogged about my Toyotas, Nissans and Hondas. I felt I should look at the other Japanese marques in my collection.


6 Subarus

Here are my Subarus, the marque for rally drivers and wannabe rally drivers: an Impreza from Kinsmart, also Imprezas by Majorette, Hot Wheels and Matchbox, a police Legacy (DeAgostini)  and a Hot Wheels WRX STi

…and here are my Mazdas, eight versions of the fabulous RX-7 two from Kinsmart, one unbranded Chinese model, one from Majorette and four from Hot Wheels, also an MX-5 Miata (Hot Wheels) and the orange Mazda 2 ( Matchbox).


10 Mazdas or should that be Mazdae?


I’m actively seeking more Japanese models for my collection as I have no Daihatsus, Isuzus or Suzukis.

My Japanese Car Wants’ List: (✓ = got)

  1. Honda Civic EF (Hot Wheels) ✓✓✓
  2. Datsun 240Z (Corgi)
  3. Toyota MR2 (Hot Wheels)
  4. Datsun 510 Station Wagon (Hot Wheels) ✓✓✓
  5. Datsun 510 (Hot Wheels) ✓
  6. Datsun 280ZX (Matchbox)
  7. Mazda RX500 (Matchbox)
  8. Nissan ’73 Skyline (Hot Wheels)
  9. Datsun 620 Pick Up (Hot Wheels)✓✓

Also other versions of the Toyota 2000GT, Mazda RX7 and ’70 Toyota Celica


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