Swedish Cars

My collection of Swedish Cars is somewhat limited.


Three models in differing scales. A Bburago Saab Aero X, a streamlined prototype. Scale 1:43 and a couple of boxy Volvos (Majorette Volvo 760GLE scale 1:61 and a venerable Volvo 850 Estate from Hongwell in 1:72 scale). Perhaps representative of the marques but not my dream Swedish Line up which would have a Saab 96, 99 Turbo, a Volvo P1800 (made famous by “The Saint”) a Volvo 480ES and a Koenigsegg.

Update (July 2017) a rather playworn Majorette Saab 900 Turbo doubles my Saab collection.


Saab Aero X (Bburago) and Saab 900 Turbo (Majorette)


5 thoughts on “Swedish Cars

  1. I found a Matchbox Volvo V60 Wagon today. Finished in a sort of electric blue. It is really nicely done with very detailed headlights etc. It is quite a modern family car, but still, something about it reminded me of the old BTCC Touring cars, it just has that look about it.

  2. Yes, the P1800 would be a great find. That’s a lovely looking car. Is it currently available or is it from an older release batch? I always feel like I’m playing catch up with some of these great models.

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