My largest model is this Maisto 1:24 1970 Chevrolet Corvette:


Seven and a half inches long.

I know some collectors who can spend hundreds of dollars (pounds, euros) on some exquisite 1:18 and even 1:12 models by Kyosho or AutoArt. That kind of expenditure on one model is not for me. The most I have spent to date on one model is £25 on a Ghia 6.4L from “Collections” in York (knocked down from £30).


This model was made by Corgi in their factory in Swansea in the mid-Sixties. The model isn’t rare, it is one of Corgi’s most popular models (1.7 million were produced). Ironically only six full sized cars were produced. It was popular in Corgi because of its many features: opening doors, boot, bonnet, tipping seats, jewelled headlights and even a dog on the rear parcel shelf.

The oldest car represented in my collection is a 1907 Peugeot from the Matchbox Models of Yesteryear range..

Diecast 2013 015

Best bargain, was this Toyota 2000GT from the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice“, which I picked up for just 20 pence at the Wigginton Boot Sale (near York) in August.



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