French Cars: Renault

French cars have a certain Gallic charm. In real life I had two French Cars (a Citroen ZX and a Peugeot 306). I never had a Renault, although I did consider a 19 once.

In my collection of models, I have eighteen little Renaults from Majorette, Solido, Norev, Matchbox, Bburago and Corgi. Majorettes used to be made in France but this selection (Twingo, Kangoo and two Meganes) were made in Thailand.

The first French car, I have that was actually “Made in France” is my  Solido Alpine A310.


This model was even bought in Paris at the fleamarket in Porte de Vanves.

Here are nine of my miniature Renaults.


16TS (Corgi), 4TL (Bburago), Alpine A310 (Solido), Alpine A110 (Solido), Dauphine (Norev), Twingo (Majorette), Kangoo “Fire Dept” (Majorette). Megane 3 Coupe (Majorette) and Megane 2 (Majorette).

The Corgi 16TS is probably my favourite. I found it here in Tbilisi at the Drybridge Market. It cost just 20 lari ($11.72). The model was made in Great Britain at the Mettoy factory in Swansea in the late sixties. The actual car was quite revolutionary, being both a hatchback and having front wheel drive, nowadays this is common but at the time this was ground breaking.


18 Renaults

The Majorette model of the Kangoo van has a sliding door, something I haven’t seen on other models.

Majorette Renault Vans

Majorette Renault Vans


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