Christmas, a time for giving and receiving. A few of the cars in my collection are gifts from friends and family.


Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” is a popular saying. My wife is wonderfully tolerant of my collecting…the 300 or so diecast models in my collection take up a lot of space in various display cabinets. She however isn’t a connoisseur of diecast and the last model she gave me isn’t one I’d have sought myself.

I am not a fan of BMW and especially not the X5 (aka Chelsea Tractor), still it is the thought that counts 🙂

Probably my favourite of the models I received as a gift is the GAZ Volga 24 estate, made in USSR. This was from my brother-in-law Paata, from his own collection.

TheLamborghini Gallardo by Kinsmart, was also a present from my lovely wife and much closer to what I’d buy myself.


This Jaguar XJS by New Ray came from Irma, the first Georgian I knew and who was acting as unsollicited matchmaker when I first met my wife-to-be Khato. Irma had asked what I wanted, and knowing she is no connoisseur of diecasts, I suggested Porsche or Jaguar, as she would be unlikely to go wrong with a model of either marque and she didn’t.

The Hot Wheels model “Horseplay” was a gift from a pupil, Lasha. The Kinsmart, AC Cobra was from Paata.

I’m always happy to receive diecast gifts, if you aren’t a connoisseur any Jaguar or Porsche would be great, if you know your diecasts then a Corgi Buick Riviera from the late sixties, would be really great, Santa 😉


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