Matchbox Models of Yesteryear

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, introduced in 1956, were renditions of classic vehicles from the steam and early automotive eras. These tended to be bought by adults for display purposes rather than children as toys, so most examples are still in very good condition.


I have ten models in my collection, the first three were a 1936 Jaguar SS 100 (scale 1:38), 1907 Peugeot (scale 1:43) and 1930 Packard Victoria (scale 1:46).

I bought the model Jaguar at Drybridge Market in Tbilisi for 25 lari ($14.52).

The 1907 Peugeot (scale 1:43) is the oldest model depicted in my collection, I tend to be attracted more to sports cars of the sixties and seventies. The Peugeot was the only Yesteryear on my wants’  list.

The 1930 Packard Victoria.(scale 1:46). This cost me £9 from a charity shop in York (Save the Children). In the thirties this was one of the most expensive automobiles. A classic body built by Frederick Dietrich combined with a powerful straight 8, side-valve engine.

A few Yesteryear models turn up at Drybridge, I saw these three on Thursday:


Left to right: 1907 Peugeot, 1927 Talbot Van “Ever Ready” and 1912 Ford Model T “Captain Morgan Rum”. I succumbed to temptation and asked the price of each and was told 25 lari ($14.52). I offered 15 lari ($8.71) for the Peugeot. The stall person suggested 20 lari ($11.62)  and muttered something about the “patron”. I put the model down said “Madloba” (thank you) and was about to walk off, when she acquiesced to my original offer of 15 lari ($8.71).

Yesteryear models were also incorporated into executive presents, like pen stands, bookends and pipe racks.


I have seen some of these at Boot Sales but they don’t really interest me.


Yesteryear pages in the Matchbox Catalogues of 1969 and 1970.

Yesteryear Wants’ List

  • Ford Model T 1911 … I found this model on 5 March 2016 (it cost me 25 lari)
  • 1914 Vauxhall Prince Henry …I found this model on 28 July 2016 (it cost me £4)
  • 1909 Opel Coupe
  • 1930 Duesenberg Town car
  • 1913 Cadillac … I found this model on 26 December 2015 (it cost me 25 lari)
  • 1930 Ford Model T Breakdown Truck
  • 1928 Mercedes Benz 36-220…I found this model on 16 July 2016 (it cost me £4)
  • Thomas Flyabout 1909
  • 1938 Hispano-Suiza
  • 1957 BMW 507

1907 Peugeot and 1913 Cadillac

For looking at the full range of Yesteryear models issued this is a good online site:

Yesteryear Site

Three years after posting this article originally, I now have 10 Yesteryear Models:

1907 Peugeot, 1911 Ford Model T, 1912 Rolls Royce, 1930 Packard Victoria, 1928 Mercedes SS,  1911 Maxwell Roadster, 1913 Cadillac, 1945 MG TC, 1936 Jaguar SS 100 and a 1914 Vauxhall Prince Henry .


Matchbox Models of Yesteryear (photo July 2016)




Lledo and Corgi Classics also produced diecast replicas of classic veteran cars.


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