Italian Cars: Fiat

Italian cars. What Makes Italian Cars so Special? Italy is responsible for cars from the epitome of grace and style (Ferrari, Maserati) to basic no-frills vehicles that simply do their job (Fiat Panda).

Fiat was founded in 1899, the company was successful and 25 years later they were top in the Italian car market. The Fiat 500 was Italy’s most popular postwar common man’s car, it was produced from 1957-1975.

Fiat x 5


I have 7 Fiats…in the photo are five of them. A Polski -Fiat 126P (DeAgostini), 500 (Kinsmart), Fiat Abarth (Matchbox), 131 Rallye (Bburago) and Marea Weekender “Polizia Civile” (Bburago). Not in the photo are a Fiat X1/9 (of unknown Chinese manufacturer) and a Bravo (Bburago).


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