2013 Highlights

31 December 2013. A time to look back over the year. I have added 175 cars to my collection at a cost of 988.72 lari (around £350 or $572.36).

I have decided to look at each month and highlight my favourite finds.

January: 10 cars at 121.75 lari. Citroen Traction Avant from Siku with “suicide doors” (12 lari).

February: 16 cars at 37.10 lari. Chevrolet Corvette C2 from Hot Wheels, it cost me just 2 lari.

March 18 cars at 134.70 lari (the most expensive month). Jaguar MkII (1959) Police Car by DeAgostini (19 lari). When my father broke down in the sixties, we had a lift in one of these.

April: 6 cars at 42.80 lari. Mazda RX7 by Hot Wheels (4 lari). I spent a lot of the year hunting classic Japanese sports cars from the sixties, seventies and eighties. This was the first I found, first of many.

May: 18 cars at 134.70 lari. FSO Syrena 105 by Welly (9.90 lari). A Polish classic.

June: 7 cars at 48.45 lari. A second Hot Wheels Chevrolet Corvette, this time a C3. I now have sixteen Corvettes.

July: 12 cars at 63.55 lari.  A pleasant surprise a Corgi Renault 16TS, turning up at Drybridge Market for a very reasonable 20 lari.

August: 21 cars at 123.52 lari. August saw our annual trip to UK with naturally some diecast hunting, which turned up this Toyota 2000GT from Universal Hobbies at the Wigginton Boot Sale for a bargain 20 pence.

September: 14 cars at 58.05 lari. Chrysler Turbine Car by New Ray (15 lari). A truly remarkable car.

October: 21 cars at 125.90 lari.  1964 Chevy Nova Station Wagon  by Hot Wheels (this was in a three pack with two other Chevrolets which cost 11.95lari).

November: 20 cars at 96.70  lari. I found a few cars  I’d been searching for a while including a Toyota 2000GT by Hot Wheels (3.95 lari). Having finally found it, I have since come across a few and now have two in my collection.

December: 16 cars at 75.40 lari. 1907 Peugeot  Matchbox Model of Yesteryear (15 lari). I have blogged earlier about this sweet find.

Of the 175 cars, my  favourites weren’t necessarily the most expensive. In August when I picked up the Toyota for a bargain 20 pence, I also paid £17.99 for a Corgi Ford Cortina Mk 1 (my most expensive model this year), but I prefer the Toyota.

Diecast 2013 017

2013 Highlights

My 12 monthly favourites together. 5 Hot Wheels, 1 Siku, 1 Welly, 1 New Ray, 1 DeAgostini, 1 Matchbox, 1 Corgi and 1 Universal Hobbies. 5 made in Malaysia, 5 made in China and 2 made in Great Britain.
3 Chevrolets, 2 Toyotas, 1 Mazda, 1 Citroen, 1 Renault, 1 Jaguar, 1 Peugeot, 1 Syrena  and 1 Chrysler.
Some surprising omissions : no Fords, no Porsches, no Lamborghinis, no Italian Supercars, no Majorettes.

And my favourite for the year, a tough choice…

Diecast 2013 018

The Corgi Renault 16TS. A lovely model, made in Great Britain by Corgi. The Renault 16 was a revolutionary car for its era having both front wheel drive and a hatchback. The model also gives me a terrific nostalgic buzz, because it is from the late sixties. An added plus are the dials on the base, which tip the front seats. 🙂

I’m not sure what finds 2014 holds, but I intend sharing them with you, if you should follow this blog. I have a long wants list.


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