Italian Cars: Lamborghini

Ferruccio Lamborghini founded his car company (Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A.) in 1963 with the objective of producing a refined grand touring car to compete with offerings from established marques such as Ferrari.

I have 28 Lamboghinis in my collection, in the photo: Miura x 8, Gallardo x 7 (including 3 Police Gallardo), Veneno, Urraco, Reventon, Aventador J, Countach x 2, Estoque. Marzal x 2,  Murcielago x 2, Sesto Elemento and Diablo.

Includes the only radio control model, I have, a Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera by Rastar.


28 Lamborghinis (Jan 2017)

When I was 14, I cycled with a friend to Henley on Thames, about 15 miles from Slough, where I was living at the time. There was a car concessionaires that dealt in Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. The sales staff were friendly, out the back they had a Lamborghini Countach they were fixing for some Arab Sheikh. They let us sit in it, it was so low, it was almost as though we were sitting on the floor. I am still looking for a good Countach for my collection. I have two, one Matchbox and one Maisto, unusually I prefer the Maisto model, the Matchbox one looks ill proportioned and is too high off the ground.

hot wheels 004

It would be nice to find a Jarama, Espada and a Matchbox Miura.


Lamborghini Miura x 8

In February 2016, I was surprised to find a Bulgarian Matchbox Miura in my local market for just 4 lari.

Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura (Matchbox)


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