Italian Cars: Iso, Ghia, De Tomaso and a Bugatti*

italian cars 002

Ferrari and Lamborghini are well represented by the toy and model manufacturers, which is why it was easy to find a dozen of each marque. There are other Italian supercars which are less easy to find. The model above is one of my favourites, a Matchbox Iso Grifo, Made in England, with regular wheels (introduced to the range in 1968 just before the Superfast era). Iso were Italian designed cars, powered by Chevrolet Engines. Corgi also made an Iso Grifo.

One thing which puzzles me with the Matchbox model, is why does it have a tow hook?  Who uses an Italian supercar as a towing vehicle?

Another Italian manufacturer, which used American engines was DeTomaso. The Pantera GTS was a mean looking sports car.

italian cars 003

This red model in 1:43 is by DeAgostini from their supercars range.

The Ghia 6.4L is another interesting model, it was made by Corgi in the mid sixties. In real life it was a rarity, only six full sized cars were produced. However, it was the fourth best-selling Corgi Toy (1.7 million produced), its popularity arising from its sleek profile and a number of special features, opening parts, tip up seats, jewelled headlights, detailed engine, suspension and even a dog lying on the rear parcel shelf.

Ghia 6.4L

Some Italian Supercars were modelled in plastic in the Soviet Union.


Here a Maserati Mistrale and an Iso Grifo. On the Internet some sellers from Bulgaria and Ukraine are asking silly money (over $100 for such models). I got these for 10 lari each ($5.74) at Drybridge Market.

As well as Soviet Produced models I have some cheap Chinese models are made of Italian Supercars.

italian cars 005

Here a DeTomaso Pantera, Maserati Coupe and Bugatti Veyron all cheaply manufactured in China, they cost me 2 lari each ($1.15).

*Ettore Bugatti was Italian born, the cars were made in France and



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