British Cars: Austin & Morris


9 Austins

Mini wasn’t originally a marque in its own right but a model both of Austin and Morris (BMC), launched in 1959 as the Austin Seven and the Morris Mini Minor from a design by Sir Alec Issigonis, a refugee from Izmir in Turkey. Both Matchbox and Hot Wheels have recently cast a sixties Austin Mini Van, I have four variants of the Matchbox (1965) model and two of the same Hot Wheels (1967) model.

Austin Mini Vans

Austin Mini Van – 1965 (Matchbox)

I also have a Dinky Austin Champ, a very old Matchbox A55 Cambridge and an Austin Taxi (Matchbox).

I have four Morris models, three are Hot Wheels Morris Minis but the fourth is a Corgi Marina 1.8 Coupe.

Morris minis and marina

Morris Minis (Hot Wheels) and Marina 1.8 Coupe (Corgi)

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