British Cars: Sports Cars

British Sports Cars have always had a reputation for speed and fun, if not for reliability. I have already looked at Aston Martin and Lotus. Here are some more British Sports Cars:
Sports cars 001Left to Right: TVR Tuscan S (Matchbox), Sunbeam Alpine (TicToc), Triumph TR6 (Hot Wheels), DeLorean DMC 12 (Hot Wheels) and Morgan (Majorette).

My schoolmate Paul had a Sunbeam Alpine back in the 1980s, it was a real head turner. This blue model is a copy of the car in the James Bond film “Dr No“. The DeLorean was also made famous by a film, “Back to the Future“.

jensen 002

This Jensen 541R by Oxford is in a very small 1:76 scale, possibly intended for a railway layout. The actual car was produced from 1957 to 1960, and was very fast for a four seater at the time. Indeed, with a top speed of over 125 mph (200km/h)  it was the fastest four-seater the magazine Autocar had ever tested at the time.


Jensen 541R (Oxford) and Jaguar E Type (Matchbox)

Another fast car from the past was the AC Shelby Cobra, combining a British sports car with an American engine and the tuning genius of the American Carroll Shelby.

model ac olds 001

Here a weathered 1:64 model by Jada.

5 thoughts on “British Cars: Sports Cars

  1. Could I ask, how does the 1/76 scale Jensen, by Oxford, look alongside say a Matchbox or even the Alpine? Is it a really dramatic difference in scale?

  2. Thanks very much. Great picture. The Oxford isn’t quite as small as I had expected. The Oxford looks incredibly well made, really premium stuff.

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