British Cars: Land Rover

The Land Rover in all its guises (pick-up, breakdown, RAC, RAF, Chipperfield’s Circus) with total sales of over 10 million, far outsold every other Corgi model even the James Bond Aston Martin.

Land Rover is the second oldest four-wheel-drive car brand in the world (after Jeep)  launched in 1948 by Rover. The Land Rover had been designed to be cheap and easy to produce and to suit hard work in tough terrain. It was thus a very simple, basic vehicle with a minimum of concessions to comfort- on early vehicles. In 2008 Land Rover and Jaguar were sold to Tata Motors of India by Ford.

Land rover

Corgi Land Rover “Royal Mail”, Fire Service Land Rover (Kinsmart) and Range Rover Sport (Matchbox).

The Range Rover was created for those who wanted the Land Rover‘s off road capabilities with a more civilised comfortable ride. Today, the Range Rover is a prestige car seen outside luxury hotels all over the world, far from its crude rustic origins.

I was particularly happy to find the “Royal Mail” Land Rover at Drybridge Market in Tbilisi, as I used to work for Royal Mail.

Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110

Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110

4 thoughts on “British Cars: Land Rover

  1. I must start collecting a few more Land Rover models/toys. My wife buys me the odd one for Christmas. This year she bought me a fantastic set of Series ones from Oxford diecast, very detailed little models in HO scale for the railway modellers and last year she bought me a tiny N gauge series one from the same company. Our daughters have numerous Land Rovers in their toy car collection and you are quite right, they are very common vehicles to be modelled.

    • Thanks for your comment. The Land Rover is one of those iconic cars, like the VW Beetle, Mini and Jeep, which comes in many variations making it highly collectible. Corgi made a few variants. I was particularly pleased to find the Corgi Junior “Royal Mail” Land Rover here in Tbilisi, so far from the Swansea factory where it was made. The Oxford Diecast set looks fantastic. Corgi’s first model after the Hornby takeover in 2008 was a Series 1 Land Rover to mark the 60th Anniversary of Land Rover. My next post will be about Land Rover’s Tata stablemates: Jaguar.

      • There are some close up pictures of the Oxford Diecast Series Ones on my post here:

        I’ve been to a few Land Rover shows over the years with my 1:1 Land Rovers and they often have a stall where they sell toy/model Land Rovers and as you say, there is a truly astonishing variety and range from many manufacturers. About three years ago we went to a show where there must have been upwards of 500+ different models available.

        My Father had a Jaguar (XJ6) in the 70’s when he was director of a large firm. Sadly it was in those awful days of British car manufacturer where build quality was dreadful and he had so many problems with it that when he retired and they offered him the car he refused it and instead bought a german made Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia estate which he then had for 10 years. I also saw it many years after he’d sold it and it was still looking as good as new. The same couldn’t be said about the Jaguar! Mind you I have some fond memories of being taken on holiday to Wales as a child sitting in the back of the XJ6 which was supremely comfortable and had effortless power.

      • We never had a Jaguar. My dad went through a series of Fords, then Peugeots, hiss dream car was a Jaguar Mark X, one year for his birthday my mum, as a joke, gave him a Corgi Mark X. I ve just posted about the Jaguar models in my collection.

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