Ford (British and European)

…but Ford is American! Ford is multinational, founded by Henry Ford in Detroit at the beginning of the 20th Century.  Today, Fords are produced all over the World. The first car I travelled in was my father’s Ford Anglia Estate, which he had when I was born. My father liked Fords and owned three Anglias, two Escorts and a Zephyr. These Fords were assembled at Dagenham in Essex, so my first impression of Ford was as being a British make.

Ford Europe

Front left to right :XR4i Sierra, Focus, Zodiac MkIV (Matchbox), RS200 (Matchbox), Capri (Matchbox) and Focus ST (Welly).

Back: Cortina Mk1 GT(Corgi) scale 1:43 and 1970 Capri RS2600 (Bburago) scale 1:32.

I have twenty-one “British/European” Fords in my collection (and over 60 American Fords American Fords…you can find “Thirteen Mustangs” elsewhere on this blog ). Maybe more accurately these should be labelled European Fords. Ford ended car production in UK in February 2002.


21 European Fords

In the above photo taken in November 2016,  you can see: Cortina Mk1 (Corgi), 2012 Fiesta x2 (Hot Wheels), Escort RS1600 x2 (HW), Cortina Mk 3 GXL “Police” (Corgi),Transit Connect (HW), Escort rally (Corgi Juniors), RS200 (Matchbox), Capri RS2600 (Bburago 1:32), XR4i, Mondeo Ghia (Matchbox), Focus (Orange and Blue),  Capri (Matchbox), Zodiac (Matchbox-missing bonnet), Corsair (Matchbox), Escort Mk1 (Cararama), Escort Mk 1 Mexico (Corgi), Escort Van “Royal Mail” (Corgi) and Zephyr (Matchbox).

The Matchbox Fords are a little playworn (to say the least).


Matchbox Fords: Mondeo Ghia, Zodiac, Zephyr, Capri, Corsair and RS200

Today, Ford assembles the Mondeo range in Genk (Belgium), Fiesta in Valencia (Spain) and Cologne (Germany), Ka in Valencia (Spain), Focus in Valencia (Spain),Saarlouis (Germany) and Vsevolozhski (Russia). Transit production is in Kocaeli (Turkey) and Southampton (UK).

The Ford Cortina Mk1 GT (below) is a limited edition model from Corgi. Mine is Number 2342 of 2370. Looking closely you will see one of the jewelled headlights is missing, not sure if it was like that when I bought it or went missing later. I bought the model from Monk’s Bar Model Shop in York for £17.99 in 2012. The car is a replica of the one driven by Roger Clark and Jim Porter in the 1965 Scottish Rally.

Ford Capri and Cortina

The Capri I bought in Paris in 2012 the steering wheel is on the left so not a British version.

Ford RS200 GT4

On the Play Station 2, I used to play Gran Turismo 4 a lot, my favourite virtual ride was the Ford RS200, here seen flying through the air. A rally car produced between 1984 and 1986 with crazy performance. I have a blue Matchbox model.

I would like to find a Ford Anglia to add to my collection (saloon or estate).


8 thoughts on “Ford (British and European)

    • My uncle had a red Capri, more exciting than my father’s duck egg blue Escort…but my uncle was single at the time without the responsibilities of a growing family. My model is LHD. The capri Mark one is a great looking car.

      • Yes, I saw a fully rebuilt, restored and modified one in a retro car magazine a few years ago and it looked stunning (it was red too). In fact it was so gorgeous that I did consider rushing off to buy one and started trawling ebay but soon realised that they command very high prices and I reverted to Land Rover searches 🙂

      • LOL

        I was surprised actually as I always thought old Land Rovers held their value well but was shocked at the prices the Capris were selling for. I guess there are not that many around these days so they can command higher prices. There are still relatively high numbers of old Series LR’s around. In fact I don’t recall seeing a Capri on the roads where I live for years whereas I see a Series LR almost every time I go out for a drive.

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