British Cars: Jaguar

My dad’s dream car was a Jaguar Mark X, one year for his birthday my mum, as a joke, gave him a Corgi Mark X. I wonder if my increased interest in collecting diecasts is connected with my father passing away in 2011.

I would love to find a Corgi Mark X. Another Jaguar connected to my childhood is the Mark II Police Car. When I was around three years old, my father’s Anglia broke down and we were given a lift in a Jaguar Police Car, I think this made quite an impression on me.

I have a model from DeAgostini of a 1959 Jaguar Mark II (scale 1:43) in their series of Police Cars of the World.


1959 Jaguar Mk II Police (DeAgostini)

I have 27 Jaguars in my collection. If someone wants to get me a present and they know I like diecasts, I tell them to get “Jaguar or Porsche”, unless they should get me a Cayenne :/ , they can’t go wrong…


27 Jaguars


Jaguar saloons


Hot Wheels Jaguars: F Type Project (red and green), Fish’d & Chip’d, D Type and XK8 Convertible


Welly Jaguars


Irma gave me this XJS Convertible from New Ray for my last birthday.

Jaguar XJS

Most of my Jaguar models were made in the Far East (China, Malaysia and Thailand) but I do have a Matchbox Model of Yesteryear 1936 Jaguar SS100, which was made at the Lesney Factory in England.


3 thoughts on “British Cars: Jaguar

  1. I have that exact same Matchbox Jaguar only mine is in white. I also have another in 1/18th scale made by Franklin Mint which is part of a large Franklin Mint collection that my Father handed down to me. I haven’t the space to display them so they are all packed away in a box in the attic. I’ll put a post up shortly with some pictures on it, maybe you could name some of them for me?

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