Polish Cars

This is a post about Polish Cars not Car Polish, no tips here about how to make your cars shine 🙂

If you visit Poland today you won’t see many Polish cars. The FSO Polonez, Polski Fiat 126p and Warsawas have long been replaced by Skodas, Dacias, Toyotas and Nissans…

I was therefore somewhat surprised to come across some models of Polish Cars in Georgian toy shops made by Welly. There seems to be a whole range of “Polskie modele samochodów”


This is a 1:43 scale Syrena 105. The Syrena was manufactured by FSO and later FSM from 1957 to 1983, during its remarkably long production run it underwent only minor modifications.

FSO PolonezThis is an FSO Polonez “Policja” (1:43 scale)  I don’t think Polish crooks in their BMW M3s, will be too worried by these cars, do you? Jeremy Clarkson described the Polonez as “the worst car in the world to actually drive.”

FSO is for Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych which conveniently translates into “Factory for Passenger Automobiles. ” FSO was sold to Daewoo in 1995 and the Korean manufacturer began producing Daewoo models in Poland.

That’s it for Poland! Do widzenia!


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