German Cars: Audi

“Right…Let’s Fire Up the Quattro!”


Audi is a make I’m ambivalent about, neither love it like Jaguar nor hate it like BMW. The Audi Quattro was an iconic car which took the idea of the Jensen FF and had a sports car with four wheel drive. The Audi Quattro was the first car to take advantage of the change in rally rules to allow four wheel drive cars into the competition. Audi subsequently dominated the rally scene for the following two seasons. 


p1510902I have fourteen Audis in my collection. Three of the iconic Quattros, one Corgi, one Welly and one Matchbox, I have eight versions of the R8, it is a good car with which to compare diecast brands, an A1 (Majorette), a TT (Matchbox) and a Matchbox RS6 Avant.

I have a separate post for Audi R8 Brand Comparison (click on link)

The four ringed Audi logo has lost a ring on this Chinese model.


Majorette and Speedwheels Audi R8


3 thoughts on “German Cars: Audi

  1. I’m not that keen on any modern Audi or BMW but maybe that is just because of the type of drivers they seem to attract these days…. 😉

    The quattro in that film is a stunning and I do like it. Oddly enough I’ve never seen the TV series Ashes to Ashes. Lots of people have raved about it but it seems to have passed me by. I was probably working under a Land Rover at the time 🙂

    • I haven’t seen “Ashes to Ashes” or “Life on Mars” because I’ve been living in Georgia, the clip reminds me of “The Sweeney” which I used to love as a kid.
      I know what you mean about Audi/BMW drivers…my next post is about BMW…

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