German Cars: BMW

I’m not a fan of BMW. If you are you may want to look away now 😉 This may be because of their drivers, who often don’t use their indicators, or because cars like the X6 which seems neither fish nor fowl…not a proper sports car like a Porsche 911 nor a proper off road vehicle like a Land Rover…and really to me rather pointless. I have an anti-BMW album on Facebook, with photos of crashed, flooded, neglected BMWs and others being taken away on the backs of flat bed trucks having been caught parking illegally (schadenfreude is sweet).


When I originally wrote this post, I had  just three BMWs (above), two Chelsea Tractors (X5s) and a Welly BMW Z3 (all three made in China). Since originally writing this post, I have given away the small X5 and lost the Z3 (missing), I have however picked up a few other BMWs…a Z3 came in a Matchbox 5 pack, I also have a couple of Hot Wheels an E36 M3 and a BMW motorcycle K 1000 RS.


BMW April 2016

I have recently added this Welly BMW 645 Ci, it was discounted and I like the metallic light blue colour. I also added a BMW 507 and a BMW 2002 tii from the Bburago Classics range.

Welly BMW 645 Ci

Welly BMW 645 Ci

I found two 2002s by Bburago and Hot Wheels.

BMW 2002 Hot Wheels and Bburago Classic

BMW 2002 Hot Wheels and Bburago Classic

What could be more British than a Mini with an English flag on its roof?


Bburago Mini Cooper

Well, actually many things, the new Mini is a BMW product. This Chinese made Bburago model in 1:43, might sport an English flag on the roof but it also has a German License Plate, this is far removed from the very British Minis we cheered on in “The Italian Job” (1969 film).


8 thoughts on “German Cars: BMW

    • When I was a kid my Scalextric car was a BMW 3.0CSL but in the eighties, the BMW was the yuppie car par excellence with all the arrogant behaviour by such drivers, also BMW’s shenanigahans with the ailing Rover group, taking the Mini but leaving the rest … and now the BMWs are everywhere and usually a boring silver… (strangely i don’t mind Silver Mercs….) a Lincolnshire flag could do wonders to improve the looks of a drab 3 series…. 😉

      • LOL

        I have my own grievance with BMW for disposing of Land Rover to Ford after pinching all the 4WD technology for their X3 and X5 SUV’s.

        Now TATA own Land Rover they do at least seem to be investing and their quality is improving but sadly they are now concentrating on the yuppies, yummy mummies and overpaid footballer market as that has high volume of potential sales and profits and they have just about abandoned their previous core ‘off road’ market.

        Yes, most BMW’s that I’ve seen are also Silver. Mind you, I was looking to buy a new car last year and when reviewing all the colour charts for my potential short list of vehicles they were down to just a few samey, samey colours – silver, black and metallic blue. Very little choice really. I remember reading the brochures for cars back in the 80’s and they were available in dozens of different colours. I guess it is a cost saving thing?

  1. Jaguar are planning to bring out an SUV now, like the Cayenne or X5 :/
    The seventies had great variety of colours. Some like yellow went for a while because of the high amount of lead in the paint. I don t have a real 1:1 car now but the five i had were either red or blue, black, white and silver aren t really colours to my mind, I like something more colourful.
    I can understand your grievance with BMW …BMW weren’t very popular in the West Midlands when they pulled out of the Rover deal…

  2. I pretty much agree with you re: BMW. I find them increasingly mundane. There might be a middle-ground though. If you search ‘bmw art car alexander calder’ you will see what I mean. It has the shape and the colour (it’s just a shame it is a bmw ☺).

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