German Cars: Mercedes-Benz

The first petrol engined car was a Benz in 1885, Mercedes has a long and prestigious history.

mercedes 002

I have a weakness for the Gull Winged Mercedes, here a red and white 300SL (Siku), a white SLS (Kinsmart) and  a silver 300SL (Kinsmart). As a child I went through a phase of just collecting Mercedes models, I don’t have any of those models now.

mercedes 003

Mercedes are popular as emergency vehicles here an ambulance (Siku), C320 “Polizei” car (Siku) and “Binz” Ambulance (Corgi).

Mercedes in my collection (April 2015)

Mercedes in my collection (April 2015)

My full collection of Mercedes, the badge has a picture of a C111, I’d love to find a model C111, a series of experimental vehicles experimenting with different engine technologies (rotary, diesel, turbocharging etc..). Also in the line up a champagne coloured 450 SL (Bburago), a dark green 300SL,  a silver 350 SLK (Welly), a silver CLK GTR (Maisto), orange 500 CLS (Matchbox) and a blue Chinese made A Series.

mercedes 005

This is an old Matchbox Mercedes truck (1:87 scale) with regular wheels (number 1 in the 1-75 series), missing its canopy, with a load of a Mercedes SSK from a Kinder Egg.



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