German Cars: Opel

My first car in real life was an Opel. It was a wedding present from my first wife’s parents. We thought we’d got a German car but examining the paper work we found our Corsa was assembled in Luton. I like Opels but I only have ten in miniature.

My collection of model Opels isn’t as large as I’d like. I would love some of the seventies coupes like the Manta A, Monza and Commodore Coupe.


10 Opels

Opels: 1:24 Opel Kadett Coupe (Made in USSR), Opel Bitter CD (DeAgostini), 1951 Opel Kapitan (DeAgostini), Opel Speedster x2 (Maisto) , Opel Astra GTC (Welly), Chevy “Opala” SS x 2 (Hot Wheels) and Opel Diplomat x 2 (Matchbox).

 Here I have two models with pull back motors, which aren’t Kinsmart. The yellow Opel Speedster is by Maisto (1:35 scale) and the red Astra GTC is by Welly. The  Hot Wheels Opala isn’t a German Car really, the “Opala” was assembled in Brazil combining the body of an Opel Commodore Coupe with the engine from a Chevrolet Impala.

bitter 003

DeAgostini 1:43 Opel Bitter CD

Latest addition to my collection, the sleek Opel Bitter CD from the seventies.


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