German Cars: Porsche

I love the look of the 911. A car slightly older than me. I now have at least 18 versions of the 911, more than any other model in my collection.


I have seven models just of the 911 GT3R, three Kinsmart, two Matchbox and two Hot Wheels.

Porsche 004

Porsche Cabriolets, Carrera and Boxster.


Porsche 006

The Porsche Carerra GT, made infamous for being the car Paul Walker was travelling in when he was killed. The blue one is Kinsmart and the red Siku, I’m looking for the Hot Wheels version now.

Porsche 007

Matchbox 910 and Corgi Carrera 6

These two models were both made in Great Britain over forty years ago. A Matchbox 910 and a Corgi Porsche Carrera 6.

Porsche 012

In total, I have more than 60 Porsche models. Most of them, two door rear-engined Porsches. I have a 944, a 928S and a Panamera , but I don’t like the  Cayenne or Macan and find it difficult to think of them as Porsches at all, despite their badges…

model cars 001

Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Majorette.

Update (June 2014): I now have the complete set of Kinsmart Porsche 911 GT3Rs, the black one being my most recent purchase….

Kinsmart Porsche 911 GT3R

Kinsmart Porsche 911 GT3R

A to Z Porsche

63 Porsches (March 2017)


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