German Cars: Volkswagen

Volkswagen: The People’s car


Volkswagen is the original and top-selling marque of the Volkswagen group, the third largest car maker in the world.

For most people Volkswagen conjurs up images of the iconic Beetle, which was made from 1938 until 2003, over 21 million were produced and the car became a film legend as “Herbie” in The Love Bug (1968)

VW Pair 001 (2)

Here a Hot Wheels Herbie with a Matchbox VW Taxi.

The Golf and Passat were massive sellers, too but my VW collection is dominated by Beetles.


My only Volkswagen, which isn’t a Beetle is this light green Hot Wheels VW Brasilia (pictured with the Chevrolet “Opala” SS.)

A Beetle rainbow.

P1080492My nineteen Volkswagens. The red cabriolet is by Maisto. The black model is my only New Beetle, I prefer the look of the classic Beetle.

I have separate posts for other makes in the Volkswagen Group. (Audi, Bentley, Porsche and Bugatti).

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