American Cars: Chrysler and Plymouth

It is difficult to know where to start with American cars, I have 13 Mustangs and 17 Corvettes in my diecast collection. I have more American Cars than any other country’s cars, but ironically, none of the models are made in America. The models are made mostly in Malaysia (Hot Wheels) or China. Most American cars fall into the big three groups: GM, Ford and Chrysler.

I only have one Chrysler but it is an incredible vehicle.


A 1964 Chrysler Turbine Convertible by New Ray. This highly innovative car designed by Ghia of Italy was created in the sixties and was the only gas turbine-powered car made available to the public. Jay Leno has a real one in his collection.

Chrysler Turbine (3)

It is almost like something out of The Jetsons.

There are several brands within the Chrysler group including Plymouth, which was discontinued in 2001. I have three Hot Wheels Plymouths :1970 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible, 1970 Plymouth 440 Road Runner and ‘68 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S from the heyday of American Muscle Cars.


Today Chrysler is wholly owned by the Italian carmaker, Fiat. I intend to look at Dodge another brand of the Chrysler group in my next post.


6 thoughts on “American Cars: Chrysler and Plymouth

  1. I recently found a Maisto 1956 Chrysler 300 B. It is a very nice, but simple, model. It is from the same line as the Maisto Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR.

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