American Cars: Dodge

Dodge is part of the Chrysler group and like Chrysler has recently been acquired by FiatDodge is well-known today for being a player in the muscle car market of the late sixties and early seventies with models like the Charger and Coronet, the pinnacle being the Challenger sports coupe and convertible (Dodge‘s entry into the “pony car” class ) in 1970, which offered everything from mild economy engines up to the wild race-ready Hemi V8 in the same package.

Dodge 003

Hot Wheels ’70 Dodge Dart DemonDodge Challenger Drift car, ’71 Dodge Challenger and two Matchbox Dodge Challengers (one rather playworn!).

SPOILER ALERT: The Dodge Daytona Charger featured special body modifications that included a 23-inch-tall (584 mm) spoiler on the rear. A car designed for NASCAR. Buddy Baker in the #88 Chrysler Engineering Dodge Charger Daytona was the first driver in NASCAR history to break the 200  mph mark on March 24, 1970 at Talladega. The movie “Fast and Furious 6”  (2013) included four Dodge cars including a 2013 Dodge Dart GT and three custom versions of the Challenger, Charger and Daytona. Vin Diesel drove the Dodge Daytona Charger.

doubles and triples 012

Hot Wheels ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona.


My Dodge Collection October 2016

More recently Dodge launched the Viper in 1992, a production car that was like a modern Cobra. (In 1991 Carroll Shelby piloted a pre production car as the pace car in the Indianapolis 500). The heart of the Viper is a V10 aluminium engine, revamped by Lamborghini (a subsidiary of Chrysler at the time) from the cast iron block used in Dodge trucks.


Dodge Vipers

Dodge is well known for its many truck models.


Dodge Cattle Truck (Matchbox), Custom Dodge Van (Hot Wheels) and Dodge Wreck Truck (Matchbox)



a Hot Wheels Dodge Rainbow

a Hot Wheels Dodge Rainbow


5 thoughts on “American Cars: Dodge

  1. I’d love to have some form of glass display case with my collection on display but our lounge is only 12 feet square (one of the drawbacks of living in an 1850’s cottage) so no room, it is cramped enough as it is with just one sofa and a TV. My daughters have loads of matchbox sized cars and they have quite a few Dodge cars in their collections. Despite being girls they seem to have a lot of cars and they enjoy playing with them too. We normally buy them a small gift when we visit the big supermarket for the monthly grocery shop and they will often choose a matchbox car so they have hundreds between them 🙂

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