January 2014: New Acquisitions

Twelve new vehicles this month were added to the collection at a cost of 61.63 lari ($34.61). 5 Matchbox,, 4 Hot Wheels, 1 Maisto, 1 Siku and 1 unidentified Chinese marque.

The five Matchbox came in an “Exotic Rides” five pack, the first five pack I’ve bought. This comprised of a Porsche Carrera CabrioletFord GT, Fisker Karma, TVR Tuscan S and a Ford Shelby Cobra Concept.

A good month for Fords, three of the 12 vehicles I bought were Fords. The first car of the month was a Hot Wheels ’73 Ford Falcon XB, a model of the famous Australian car.

The ’76 Chevy Chevette is probably the highlight of the month. The packaging has a retro feel and the car reminds me of the Vauxhall Chevette. I haven’t seen any “Flying Customs” in Tbilisi. I found this in a toy shop “Toyzee” in Kusadasi.

The biggest and most expensive car (20 lari=$11.23) bought this month was a Chinese made Lada Niva also from Vagzlis Basroba. I don’t know the model manufacturer and not even sure of the scale it looks almost 1:25. The car makes some engine noises when the roof is depressed and it has a pull back and go motor. Clearly aimed at children rather than adult collectors but I didn’t have a Niva in my collection (it is an iconic Soviet car) and on the day I was disappointed that another dealer didn’t have any of the three DeAgostini models I was looking for (Bitter CD, Mercedes C 111 or Venturi 260).


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