American Cars: Ford

For a long time I had more Fords than any other marques, but in recent months Ford has been overtaken by its big rival Chevrolet.

Update (March 28 2014) Ford has overtaken Chevrolet.

Converging Fords

Converging Fords: 58 Fords in total.

30 November 2014: 58 Fords in total

Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” said Henry Ford of the Model T. My  Model T is red.

Ford Model T Yesteryear 2

1911 Model T Ford (Matchbox Yesteryear)

I now have forty-four American Fords (also 11 European Fords and two Australian Fords)including: 25 Mustangs, three Ford GTs, a Ford Crown Victoria in Chicago Police Livery, two Ford Galaxies, a Ford Maverick, a Ford F550 Super Duty Fire Tender, a Ford Shelby Cobra Concept and a Ford Three Window Coupe.

Ford Mustangs

Ford Mustangs

Update (March 28 2014): Three more Mustangs: Mustang Convertible (Majorette), Mustang Mach 1 (Hot Wheels) and ’71 Mustang Funny Car (below). Also a Matchbox Ford Thunderbird and Ford Model A “Rice Krispies” Van.

'71 Mustang Funny Car (acquired 26 March 2014)

’71 Mustang Funny Car (acquired 26 March 2014)

The Ford GT40 is a legendary high performance American-British endurance racing car, built and designed in England (Mk I, Mk II, and Mk III) and in the United States (Mk IV) respectively, and powered by a series of American-built engines, which won the 24 hours Le Mans race four consecutive times from 1966 to 1969. Recently a Ford GT was produced based on the Ford GT40, it featured on the cover of the Video Game Gran Turismo 4.

Ford Gts (2)

Ford GTs

The bronze model GT40 is a damaged Matchbox version I picked up at a boot sale. The other two models are of a 2005 GT, the green one by Matchbox and the white one with the iconic blue double stripe is by Kinsmart. 



8 thoughts on “American Cars: Ford

  1. My favourite has to be the ’32 three window coupe, made famous and highly desirable by its appearance in American Grafitti in bright yellow (or at least it was approx that model year) and was the star of the film 🙂 Most kids of my age back in the 80’s wanted to build a replica of one.

  2. “I haven’t seen American Grafitti.”

    Shush, don’t say that too loud, it is almost mandatory for any car enthusiast to watch that film. While not being a particulary great film in itself it featured many drool worthy cars and showcased many actors that went on to become very famous such as Harrison Ford and Richard Dreyfuss.

  3. If I want to drool over cars in a movie I watch either “The Italian Job” (Lamborghini Miura, Alfa Giulia Police cars, Aston DB5, Fiat Dino Coupe, Jaguar E Type and of course the Minis) or “The Love Bug” (the first Herbie film with lots of sixties cars racing Jaguar E Types, Chevrolet Corvettes, a Lamborghini 400GT,MGs, Triumphs etc…

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