American Cars: Other

By “other” I mean not Chrysler, Plymouth, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Mercury, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Oldsmobile or Lincoln, all makes I have looked at already.

American cars 008

American Cars

These days there is a lot of talk of hybrid and electric cars, these vehicles haven’t really interested me, the Honda Insight did look slightly interesting, like a car Joe 90 might drive. The Prius just looks ugly. In America there is the Tesla Roadster which is like a Lotus Elise and boasts a 3.7 second time from 0-60mph. There is also the Fisker Karma “a plug in hybrid sports sedan”, during the storm and flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy on the night of October 29, 2012, 16 Karmas caught fire while parked at Port Newark-Elizabeth Terminal, not good karma!

American cars 005

Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster and Matchbox Fisker Karma

One of the iconic American brands is Jeep (part of the Chrysler group), my Siku Jeep Wrangler is one of my few models sporting a trailer.

siku 010

Siku Jeep Wrangler and Boat Trailer

More Jeeps are here: Jeeps

The Callaway C7 was the ill-fated supercar built for GT1 category racing, developed between 1993 to 1996, it attempted to pre-qualify at the 1996 Le mans 24 Hour race which it failed to.

American cars 006

Hot Wheels Callaway C7

It was subsequently entered into the Daytona Rolex 24 Hour, where it led the race at the 12 hour point. However, an oil system failure prevented it from finishing, its first real long-distance test. Callaway is a company known for its modification of Chevrolet Cars especially the Corvette

Packard was a luxury American automobile manufacturer producing cars in Detroit from 1899, until 1958.


Matchbox Yesteryear 1930 Packard Victoria

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear have a 1:48 scale 1930 Packard Victoria from the prime of Packard’s manufacturing days. Between 1924 and 1930, Packard was the top-selling luxury brand. I have very few cars of the thirties but this is a rare beauty.

I don’t really collect trucks but I do have a weakness for cement mixers, here a Peterbilt Cement Mixer from Matchbox.

Matchbox Peterbilt Cement Mixer

Matchbox Peterbilt Cement Mixer

And finally…to boldly go and split infinitives, where no collection has gone before…

Mars Rover Curiosity and USS Enterprise

Mars Rover Curiosity and USS Enterprise

A couple of vehicles for exploring space from Hot Wheels: the Mars Curiosity Rover and the USS Enterprise,


3 thoughts on “American Cars: Other

      • I don’t think there is any rivalry between Jeep owners and Series Land Rovers and Defenders as both are known to be highly capable and are sold in such small numbers that they are considered niche and the owners of off road Jeeps will often like Defenders and vice versa. I’d certainly love a proper WW2 Jeep, maybe one day but at the moment the prices are silly.

        I think at a manufacturer level Land Rover tend to think of themselves as higher class than Jeep but I’m not at all interested in the chelsea tractor / range rover end of the market so am not really aware of peoples opinions in that sector.

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