Hot Wheels Three Pack Dilemma

Sometimes the car I’ve been searching for, I haven’t found sold singly but I have found in a three pack. There is then the dilemma of having to pay three times the price of a single car. particularly if the two other cars are unappealing.

Hot wheels 3 pack (3)

This happened today when I finally found a Honda Civic EF. The two other vehicles in the three pack, I don’t really care for. The two other cars go by the names of “Ultra Rage” and “Formula Street“.

honda three pack 001

Honda Three Pack

This happened before when I was looking for a Toyota Supra.

Three pack with Toyota Supra

Three pack with Toyota Supra

Hot Wheels 3 pack (2)

Toyota Supra, Phantasm and Super Stinger….

I swapped Super Stinger  for a Callaway C7.

What would you do: buy the three pack or wait until you find the car you want sold separately?

Hot Wheels 3 Pack

Hot Wheels 3 Pack

This is the kind of three pack I like, when there are three good cars. I got this for the ’65 Mustang Fastback, but I love the Acura NSX and the Dodge Chevelle SS is just a bonus.

6 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Three Pack Dilemma

  1. You should be glad it wasn’t in a 9-pack! ha ha I’ve got a few of those sitting around with a bunch of cars I don’t want. Once I even found the car I wanted a few days later in a single blister pack!

  2. OMG I hate when I have these problems! I was very lucky with my Civic EF, I have never seen it in stores, but my brother did and grabbed me one. Though a while ago I gave him my FRS which I have only seen one of, so we are even.

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