Monthly Acquisitions: February 2014

Seventeen new models added to my collection at a cost of 118 lari and 55 tetri ($68.35) (and a couple of models left). 7 Hot Wheels, 3 Matchbox, 2 Bburago, 1 Maisto, 1 Corgi, 1 DeAgostini, 1 Kinsmart and 1 unidenitfied Chinese marque. Also four plastic figures in approximate 1:32 scale.


February 2014 Acquisitions

Hot Wheels included a couple of JDM cars a Subaru Impreza WRX and a Honda Civic EF. Also from Hot Wheels a VW Beetle Convertible, a ’61 Chevy Impala and a Mars Curiosity Rover (replacing one I gave away). Two further Hot Wheels: Ultra Rage and Formula Street, came as 3 Pack Companions to the Honda Civic EF.

The Matchbox selection echoed earlier Matchbox models: a Road Roller (one of the first ever Matchbox models was a Road Roller), a Jaguar XK120SE (a recent casting of a fifties sports car) and a playworn Ford Model A “Rice Krispies”.

The DeAgostini Opel Bitter CD (1:43 scale) was a welcome addition, with its beautiful streamlined body.

Opel Bitter CD and Lamborghini Miura

Opel Bitter CD and Lamborghini Miura

Other models included

  • a Maisto Canoe Trailer with two canoes, I haven’t worked out if they are detachable or not.
  • a De Tomaso Pantera of unknown Chinese origin.
  • a 1967 VW Beetle Police Car by Kinsmart
  • a Bburago Lamborghini Gallardo (1:64)
  • a Bburago Renault Alpine (Italian made in 1:24 scale)

Highlight of the month was a Corgi Jaguar E-Type 2+2 which eclipses even the Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF, I’d spent so much time searching for.

Jaguar E Type

Corgi Jaguar E-Type 2+2

The two models that went were a Mars Curiosity Rover given to a student of mine who is crazy about space and a Fake Hot Wheel Chevy Camaro given to my nephew, because he loves that car.


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