Hot Wheels: Imagination

Hot Wheels Imagination  Ultra Rage, Formula Street, Phantasm and Horseplay

Hot Wheels Imagination
Ultra Rage, Formula Street, Phantasm and Horseplay

005Not all the Hot Wheels Range are based on actual cars. Many are dreamed up by the Hot Wheels designers. I tend to prefer cars based on real models and have largely avoided the “Imagination” cars. One exception is Jun Imai’s “Mad Manga” inspired by the Japanese “Bosozoku” craze. It looks similar to a ’73 Skyline.

The Imagination Cars in my collection came mainly as extras in three packs, which were surplus to my requirements.

Three pack with Toyota Supra

Three pack with Toyota Supra

One three pack, I got for the Toyota Supra came with Phantasm and Super Stinger.

A second three pack I got for the Honda Civic came with Ultra-Rage and Formula Street

honda three pack 001

Hot Wheels 3 Pack contents

Hot wheels 3 pack (3)

Hot Wheels have had some imaginative vehicles from the outset back in 1968 like Silhouette.



Silhouette was one of the original “sweet sixteen” Hot Wheels, it was actually based on a one off show car built by Bill Cushenberry.

Hot Wheels were introduced in 1968 and were an instant success. This success caused Matchbox to modify its range, first with Superfast Wheels (1970) and then with more hot rods, dragsters and fantasy cars (1971 and 1972).


Hot Wheels Silhouette, Matchbox Volks-Dragon (1970) and Beach Buggy (1971)

This week I bought some Hot Wheels track (Jet Race) so I (aged 49 going on 8) can get some play value out of these Imagination vehicles. The race pack came with another imagination vehicle “Pharadox“…as you may have imagined 😉

Hot Wheels Jet Race

Hot Wheels Jet Race




3 thoughts on “Hot Wheels: Imagination

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  2. So that is the original Silhouette, and very nice it is too. One of my cars is called Silhouette 2 and it bears a passing resemblance to Silhouette 1, but is a kind of rusty orange and has a Star Wars theme to it. I think I prefer the look of the original though.

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