Monthly Acquisitions: March 2014

This month has been a little crazy, and it’s not over yet. So far, I have bought 24 models and some Hot Wheels track at a cost of almost 204.870 lari ($117)…my nominative budget is 100 lari ($57) a month max….


Hot Wheels Three Pack: Mazda RX7, Ford Falcon Race Car, '85 Chevrolet Camaro

Hot Wheels Three Pack: Mazda RX7, Ford Falcon Race Car, ’85 Chevrolet Camaro

The month began with a Hot Wheels three pack, bought primarily for the Mazda RX7, I’m still looking out for JDM cars. The accompanying Ford Falcon Race Car and Chevrolet Camaro are also nice models.

There were more Hot Wheels throughout the month bought individually: an Aston Martin DB5 and a Nissan Skyline GT-R. I’d had both models previously, I love the Aston, so a second one is no problem (I have one loose and one carded) , my first Skyline I gave to a friend who is crazy about Skylines; this one I’m keeping.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and Aston Martin DB5

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and Aston Martin DB5

There were some more American Muscle cars: a Ford Mustang Mach 1, a ’62 Chevy, a ’61 Chevy Impala (actually the Impala was bought in February) . a ’68 Mercury Cougar and a ’71 Mustang Funny Car.


The Mustang Funny Car lifts up from its base, like the old Matchbox Dodge Charger did.

Also I bought some track for my Hot Wheels cars (and other 1:64 vehicles), Jet Race pitting a car against a plane in a race for the line.


Hot Wheels Jet Race

Hot Wheels Jet Race

I wasn’t just buying new Hot Wheels, I visited Drybridge Market (მშრალიხიდის ბაზრობა) a few times for secondhand model cars.

I was pleased to find some early Matchbox Superfast, especially an AMX Javelin that had been on my wants’ list. I wasn’t so happy with the 40 lari price tag for three cars ( I could have paid 20 lari for each), I might trade the Beach Buggy as it is not one of my favourite models it looks too fat to be a good Beach Buggy.

Matchbox Volks-Dragon, AMX Javelin and Beach Buggy

Matchbox Volks-Dragon, AMX Javelin and Beach Buggy

I also found some rather playworn models for just one lari each. Including a Majorette Ford Mustang Convertible (Made in France), a Matchbox Ford Thunderbird (Made in China) and a Hot Wheels Silhouette (Made in Malaysia). The Silhouette was one of the original sweet sixteen put on the market by Hot Wheels in 1968, my one is from the 25th Anniversary Edition (1993).

Matchbox Ford Thunderbird, Hot Wheels Silhouette and Majorette Ford Mustang Convertible

Matchbox Ford Thunderbird, Hot Wheels Silhouette and Majorette Ford Mustang Convertible

Also from Drybridge Market (მშრალიხიდის ბაზრობა), I found a Corgi Junior Bedford “Royal Mail” Van (Made in Great Britain) for 4 lari and a rather playworn Solido Renault 17TS (Made in France) for 5 lari. Both of these were pleasing additions. I used to work for Royal Mail in Worcester (1999 to 2009) and the Renault 17TS was a car I lusted after in the seventies (I know I have strange tastes in cars!)

P1100373Everyday I pass maybe a hundred Kinsmart cars for sale, they are everywhere in shops, in the Metro, in Supermarkets, these are Chinese diecasts with pull back motors. When I first came to Tbilisi I bought quite a few but now I only occassionally succumb to temptation.I bought a Kinsmart Lexus IS300 from Varketili market.

Kinsmart Lexus IS300 and Welly BMW 645Ci

Kinsmart Lexus IS300 and Welly BMW 645Ci

I also bought a Welly BMW 645 Ci on sale in Banana Toyshop, like the Kinsmart model it has a pullback motor and is made in China.

Multiple Ford and Chevrolet additions are common but this month saw me buy two Audis for the collection, a Majorette R8 and a Siku R8 Spyder.


Finally, I should mention the Maserati Indy by DeAgostini. My post on DeAgostini Supercars is generating a lot of traffic to this site.

Search on Google and my post is one of the top hits. Isaak a toy dealer in Vagzlis Basroba, called me to tell me it was in, he is the only diecast dealer with my number.

DeAgostini Maserati Indy

DeAgostini Maserati Indy

This month’s acquistions:

  1. Hot Wheels Three Pack (Mazda RX 7, Ford Falcon Race Car and ’85 Chevrolet Camaro),  12 lari from Super
  2. Hot Wheels Aston Martin DB5, 4 lari from Super
  3. DeAgostini Maserati Indy, 20 lari from Isaak (Vagzlis Basroba)
  4. Hot Wheels Jet Race, 62 lari from Goodwill
  5. Corgi Juniors Bedford “Royal Mail” Van, 4 lari from Drybridge Market
  6. Matchbox AMX Javelin, Volks Dragon and Beach Buggy, 40 lari from Drybridge Market
  7. Hot Wheels Silhouette, 1 lari from Drybridge Market
  8. Majorette Ford Mustang Convertible, 1 lari from Drybridge Market
  9. Kinsmart Lexus IS300, 5 lari from Varketili Market
  10. Solido Renault 17TS, 5 lari from Drybridge Market
  11. Siharuli Panhard 35CV, 5 lari from Drybridge Market
  12. Hot Wheels Ford Mustang Mach 1, 3.90 lari from Carrefour
  13. Matchbox Ford Thunderbird, 1 lari from Drybridge Market
  14. Hot Wheels ’62 Chevy, 4 lari from Pepela
  15. Welly BMW 645 Ci, 6.90 lari from Banana
  16. Majorette Audi R8, 6.50 lari from Pepela
  17. Siku Audi R8 Spyder, 8.70 lari from Pepela
  18. Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34), 4.90 lari from Super
  19. Hot Wheels ’71 Mustang Funny Car, 4.90 lari from Super
  20. Hot Wheels ’68 Mercury Cougar, 4.90 lari from Pepela

some totals: 11 Hot Wheels, 4 Matchbox, 9 other brands

5 Fords, 2 Chevrolets, 2 Audis

24 cars  at a cost of 204.70 lari

10 made in Malaysia, 6 made in China, 5 made in Great Britain, 2 made in France, 1 made in Thailand and 1 made in Georgia.




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