Monthly Acquisitions: April 2014

Once again I have exceeded my 100 lari nominative budget. Earlier in the month, I thought I might end the month with as many vehicles as there are days in the month. I slowed down in the last ten days, but still the monthly total reached 22 vehicles and an expenditure of 137.35 lari ($77.65).…

A representative sample of my collection?

As my collection approaches 400, I have no intention of photographing the entire collection at any one time. I wonder if I can take 20 cars, 5% of the collection to represent the entire collection. Here are the 20 I chose: 1. Hot Wheels ’70 Toyota Celica: This models represents both Hot Wheels of which…

Soviet made Milk Tanker

This is a little different to my usual models. It is quite crudely made in metal and plastic, it is 20 cm long and cost me 10 lari ($5.71) from Drybridge Market in Tbilisi. it reminds me of old Tonka Toys and Triang Models from the late sixties/ early seventies.

Hot Wheels or Matchbox?

In 1997 Matchbox was bought out by Mattel makers of rival diecasts Hot Wheels.The rivalry between the Hot Wheels and Matchbox brands is not only a battle fought by the companies; collectors of each of the brands feel strongly about the qualities of their brand of choice.  Early concerns of collectors were countered by assurances from…

My Matchbox Collection

My Matchbox Collection minus one in fact, I forgot the Mustang GT500 convertible as I mistakenly thought it was a Hot Wheels model. 75 models including 3 Yesteryears and a Kingsize Guy Transporter.