VW Beetle Police

VW Beetle Police

This model gives me a tremendous nostalgia buzz. It is not an old model. It is a recent model from Chinese manufacturer, Kinsmart. But it depicts a Police Beetle from the late sixties…which stirs up some distant faded childhood memories…I’m wondering if Dinky or Corgi had a Police Beetle…it would be more likely to say “POLIZEI” on the side than “POLICE”.


5 thoughts on “VW Beetle Police

  1. I don’t recall a VW beetle police car, I’ve had plenty of other police cars from the 60’s though. Can’t imagine the UK or US having VeeDubs as police cars so as you say it would far more likely be to say POLIZEI – artistic licence at work 🙂

    • I have been googling Corgi made a VW Beetle Police Car from 1966 to 1970 but it was green and white and had “POLIZEI” on the side. I don’t know why this Kinsmart model evoked such waves of nostalgia, maybe my memory is not what it used to be….

  2. That’s nice, very retro looking. I have a Tennessee Highway Patrol VW Beetle, made by Ertl, 1/25 scale. I think it was part of a series of US States’ police cars, all Beetles. I will get around to posting pictures eventually.

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