Collecting: addiction, obsession?

Following on from my earlier blog this month: seven days, seven cars it is now, as I write, 19 April and so far I have collected 20 vehicles, that is more than one a day on average. A rough count of my collection last night came to almost 400 vehicles, mostly collected since coming to Tbilisi four and a half years ago (an average of almost 100 a year). My rate of collecting seems to be increasing. Last month was the first month to cost me over 200 lari ($114.09).

seven cars collected in the first week of April 2014

seven cars collected in the first week of April 2014

Twenty vehicles, collected since the beginning of the month:

20 vehicles collected in the first 19 days of April 2014

20 vehicles collected in the first 19 days of April 2014

As usual quite a diverse mix. More trucks than usual, I found a Siku 5 pack of construction and refuse collection vehicles in the market for just 12 lari (usually around 30 lari in the shops). I also found a couple of Pick Ups (one Ford, one Moskvitch), a Ford E-350 Ambulance (Matchbox) and Repo-Duty, my first Hot Wheels truck,

Truck selection

Truck selection

Fourteen of the models were brand new, six were secondhand. Secondhand can be cheaper, the Mondeo was just one lari (57cents), The Camaro, Aston Vantage and Dodge Challenger Concept were two lari each ($1.14) , but the Moskvitch Pick Up was 25 lari ($14.26). The Moskvitch is an old Soviet model and it still has its box (albeit damaged).

Six Secondhand models.

Six Secondhand models.

Fords and Chevrolets continue to be the makes I have the most of in my collection. This doesn’t show signs of imminent change. Amongst the 20 new models were four Fords and two Chevrolets, I have found only one model this month to add to my third placed Porsche collection.

Makes most represented in my collection of model cars:

  1. Ford                        43
  2. Chevrolet               38
  3. Porsche                 30
  4. Volkswagen          22
  5. Lamborghini         15
  6. Jaguar                    14
  7. Ferrari                     13

8= Dodge                    11

  • Renault                   11
  • Toyota                      11
Four Fords. Matchbox Mondeo, Matchbox E-350 Ambulance, Matchbox F-150 Pick Up and Hot wheels '65 Mustang

Four Fords. Matchbox Mondeo, Matchbox E-350 Ambulance, Matchbox F-150 Pick Up and Hot wheels ’65 Mustang

The most expensive models this month were in 1:43 scale. An Eaglemoss Ferrari Dino 246 GTS (25 lari: $14.26), a Soviet made Moskvitch Pick Up (25 lari: $14.26) and a DeAgostini Zaporozhets 968 (15 lari: $8.56).

Ferrari Dino, Zaporozhets 968 and Moskvitch Pick Up

Ferrari Dino, Zaporozhets 968 and Moskvitch Pick Up

Yesterday at Drybridge market, I saw several more expensive cars, including a 60 lari Soviet made Zaporozhets, a 200 lari ($114.09) Franklin Mint Dusenberg and a 70 lari Soviet made Moskvitch estate. I resisted the temptation 25 lari seems to be my maximum bid these days.

I continue to look out for Hot Wheels models of Japanese cars, this month I’ve only bought these two beauties, ready to race.

Hot Wheels Toyota Celica '70 and Acura (Honda) NSX

Hot Wheels Toyota Celica ’70 and Acura (Honda) NSX

Some numbers

So far in April I have bought 20 vehicles at a cost of 122.60 lari ($69.94).

August 2014: 13 vehicles 97.40 lari

8 Hot Wheels, 5 Siku, 4 Matchbox, 1 Eaglemoss, 1 DeAgostini and 1 Made in USSR.

August 2014: 7 Hot Wheels, 3 Bburago, 1  Matchbox, 1 Corgi and  1 Polistil

4 Ford, 2 Chevrolet, 9 Trucks

August 2014: 2 Ford, 1 Chevrolet 3 Trucks

14 new, 6 secondhand.

August 2014: 7 new, 6 secondhand.

5 American cars, 2 British cars, 2 Soviet Cars, 2 Japanese cars, 1 Italian car and 1 German car.

August 2014: 6 American cars, 0 British cars, 0 Soviet Cars, 0 Japanese cars, 2 Italian cars and 2 French cars.

Not sure my favourite, I was very pleased to find the ’65 Mustang, ’70 Toyota Celica, Ferrari Dino 246 GTS and Moskvitch Pick Up.

I intend posting at the end of the month my monthly acquisitions…if I can manage to fit them all into one photo….

Monthly Acquisitions April 2014

Update August 20 2014

I have set a nominative budget of 100 lari ($57.82) a month maximum. This has been exceeded in four out of seven months so far (February, March, April and June) and I am wondering if I can stay below budget in August as I have already spent 97.40 lari and there are still 11 days left….

I have bought 13 vehicles. There have been two sources for these acquisitions. Firstly: Tbilisi Mall…in July and August I have been teaching a student in Didi Dighomi, who lives just five minutes walk from Tbilisi Mall. The mall has three shops selling diecasts, there is the hypermarket Carrefour, which has the best prices for new Hot Wheels just 3.90 lari compared to 4.90 lari in other stores around the city. There are also two toy shops XS Toys and Pepela.

August haul from Tbilisi Mall

August haul from Tbilisi Mall

The Polistil Car Transporter (29 lari) was the biggest expense, but can easily accommodate six cars and makes for interesting displays, only the cab is diecast. The first vehicle I bought was the Matchbox Urban Tow Truck, which can also be used to display other vehicles, here you see it towing Hot Wheels Sweet Streets, a refreshment van, one of the few trucks in the Hot Wheels standard range. On the transporter there are three Hot Wheels American muscle cars: a Buick GSX, a Mercury Cougar and a ’67 Custom Mustang. I now have 22 Ford Mustangs in my collection, I find the ’67 and ’65 models especially hard to resist. The final model is the Mars Curiosity Rover (Hot Wheels), I have two of these already but this one has different wheels (brown instead of black tyres).

Mars Curiosity Rover...notice the different colour tyres

Mars Curiosity Rover…notice the different colour tyres

Also like in April, I made some visits to Drybridge Market in Tbilisi, this is where I find older secondhand models.

Drybridge Market haul : August 2014

Drybridge Market haul : August 2014

The highlight of my collecting this month has been the Ferrari Berlinetta 250 Le Mans made by Corgi in about 1969. A lovely model which I was happy to pick up for 20 lari a good day at the market . I also found three Bburago models, Made in Italy…a Renault Clio 16v, Peugeot 405 RAID and a Lancia Delta S4 (with box). I also found two more Hot Wheels American Muscle cars: a Ford Thunderbolt and a Chevrolet Corvette (C2), like with Ford Mustangs, I find Chevrolet Corvettes, especially the second generation models difficult to resist and now have 18 Chevrolet Corvettes. 

Most expensive models August 2014

Most expensive models August 2014

Three of the models: the Car Transporter (29 lari=$16.77), Ferrari 250 LM (20 lari=$11.56) and Lancia Delta S4 (10 lari) accounted for over half my nominative budget.

I am getting better at walking out of a toy shop without making a purchase but there are still some models I can’t resist. I also have a large Wants’ List. July and August are also difficult because I have less work so more time to visit places to find diecasts.

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