A representative sample of my collection?

As my collection approaches 400, I have no intention of photographing the entire collection at any one time. I wonder if I can take 20 cars, 5% of the collection to represent the entire collection.

5% of my collection

5% of my collection

Here are the 20 I chose:

1. Hot Wheels ’70 Toyota Celica: This models represents both Hot Wheels of which I have more than any other diecast brand and Japanese cars. One of my main focuses (foci?) on searching the Hot Wheels racks is to find any JDM cars. I have two variants of the Celica and would be happy to find a third.

2. Hot Wheels Ultra-Rage: This is a model from the imagination of  Hot Wheels engineer. It represents those cars in my collection, which I didn’t choose directly, this came in a three pack, which I got for a Honda Civic EF.

3. Kinsmart Chevy Nomad: Kinsmart are the most readily available brand here, they are everywhere in supermarkets, grocery stores, market stalls etc…  The cars look good but are clearly intended as toys (as Corgi were back in the sixties). The Chevy also represents Chevrolet, the second most numerous car make in my collection. I have most of the Kinsmart I want but that doesn’t stop me having a quick look when I pass a display. I’d quite like a model of this Nomad with a surfboard on top,

4. Fiat X 1/9.I love Italian sports cars of the seventies. This Fiat like a few models I have is made in China with no brand marked. It doesn’t even say “Fiat X1/9” on the base just “CHINA”.

5. Lada 2102 “почта”. Living in the former Soviet Union, I see a lot of old Soviet cars on the roads. This model Lada was made in USSR. It is also a post vehicle and I used to work for Royal Mail in England, so post vans interest me.

6.Siku Mercedes 300SL. With the legendary gull wing opening doors. Siku is a German brand, with models manufactured in China. This is better quality than the most recent models, it has rubber tyres.

7, Matchbox Porsche 911 GT3. The 911 is iconic, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. I have several, especially the GT3, this is just my most recent acquisition.

8. Sunnyside 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. My favourite Corvette, like the 911 I have several Corvettes in my collection. Sunnyside is similar to Kinsmart being made in China, but they are slightly larger and have more opening features.

9. Corgi Renault 16TS. This is an old model from the late sixties. I don’t come across many Corgis here in Tbilisi, but when I do, I snap them up if the  price is reasonable (this was just 20 lari in Drybridge market). The Renault 16 was also a very innovative car for its time (introduced in 1965), having front wheel drive and a hatchback.

10. Hot Wheels Dodge Challenge Drift Car. A recent Hot Wheels model, one of many American Muscle Cars in my collection.

"Matchbox" sized cars (around 1/64 or 3 inches long))

“Matchbox” sized cars (around 1/64 or 3 inches long))

11. Norev Citroen 2CV. I don’t have many Norev, I found this in a market in Paris, an iconic French car.

12 Hot Wheels Lotus Esprit. Representing British Sports cars of which I have quite a few, a seventies design.

13 Matchbox Ford Group 6. One of the first Matchbox Superfast models from 1970. I found this at a boot sale near York in England. The only racing car in this selection.

14. DeAgostini Zaporozhets 968M. A Chinese model of a Soviet Car. This cost me 15 lari from Drybridge market. I have seen one Soviet made example, but at 60 lari it was beyond my budget. My DeAgostini posts are getting the most frequent hits in my blogging stats.

15, Sunnyside 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1. Like the Chevrolet Corvette this is 1/32, made in China by Sunnyside and has a pull back motor (a toy like feature, I don’t like). I have more Fords in my collection than any other make, about half of which are Mustangs.

16. Matchbox Model of Yesteryear 1907 Peugeot. Most of my models are of post second world war cars, this is the only model I have of a pre First World War car. It brings back memories of my childhood, not that I was a child in 1907…but it was in the Matchbox range of my childhood.

17.Matchbox  Peterbilt Cement Mixer. I don’t have a lot of trucks but i do have a weakness for cement mixers.

18. DeAgostini Holden FE Police Car. I have many police cars from different forces around the world. This is from Australia in the New South Wales Police Livery. I lived in Sydney in the late eighties, long after these Holdens were retired from the force.

19. New Ray Jaguar XJS. This was a birthday present from Irma. A few of my models have been gifts and others I have given away.

20. DeAgostini Alfa Romeo Montreal. Representing the Supercars range. One of my favourite sports car designs. I waited anxiously for the magazine and car to be released.

A representative sample?

A representative sample?

Representative? I don’t know, my collection is quite diverse. I notice in this snapshot I haven’t any Ferraris or Lamborghinis of which I have several. Neither do i have any Majorettes, Welly, Maisto or regular wheels Matchbox. Or any Beetles… I guess if you want to see the full scope of my collection you’ll have to trawl through my blog, if this snapshot has whetted your appetite….

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