Monthly Acquisitions: April 2014

Once again I have exceeded my 100 lari nominative budget. Earlier in the month, I thought I might end the month with as many vehicles as there are days in the month. I slowed down in the last ten days, but still the monthly total reached 22 vehicles and an expenditure of 137.35 lari ($77.65).

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April 2014 Acquisitions

April 2014 Acquisitions

A lot of trucks this month including the large 20cm (almost 8 inches) long Soviet Milk Tanker.

The most expensive models this month were in 1:43 scale. An Eaglemoss Ferrari Dino 246 GTS (25 lari: $14.26), a Soviet made Moskvitch Pick Up (25 lari: $14.26) and a DeAgostini Zaporozhets 968 (15 lari: $8.56). (The Soviet Milk Tanker was just 10 lari:$5.65)

1:43 Ferrari Dino, Zaporozhets 968 and Moskvitch Pick Up.

1:43 Ferrari Dino, Zaporozhets 968 and Moskvitch Pick Up.

Some numbers

In April I have bought 22 vehicles at a cost of 137.35 lari ($77.65).

Hot Wheels, 5 Siku, 4 Matchbox, 1 Eaglemoss, 1 DeAgostini, 1 Maisto and 2 Made in USSR.

5 Ford, 2 Chevrolet, 10 Trucks

15 new, 7 secondhand.

6 American cars, 2 British cars, 2 Soviet Cars, 2 Japanese cars, 1 Italian car and 1 German car.

Not sure my favourite, I was very pleased to find the ’65 Mustang’70 Toyota CelicaFerrari Dino 246 GTS and Moskvitch Pick Up.


3 thoughts on “Monthly Acquisitions: April 2014

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    • I like it, too. It is the first Soviet Made vehicle, I have got with a box… My dad had a Moskvitch 427 back in the seventies. During the brief time they were imported to the UK.

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