Monthly Acquisitions: May 2014

This month was all about models in (approx) 1:64 scale. It began with a lot of Matchbox and finished with a lot of Hot Wheels, the only car that wasn’t from these Mattel stablemates was a Majorette Peugeot 206 WRC (1/57 scale). The final tally was 9 Hot Wheels, 8 Matchbox and 1 Majorette at a cost of 78 lari ($43.94). After two highly extravagant months, I finally managed to get my spending under 100 lari.

May 2014

May 2014

The Matchbox tally was enhanced considerably by a five pack for just 12 lari ($6.76).

Matchbox 5 Pack

Matchbox 5 Pack

In the 5 Pack, a selection of “outdoor” vehicles… Toyota 4Runner, Jeep, VW Saveiro Cross, Chevrolet Suburban and Travel Trailer (fitting neatly on the tow hook of the Chevrolet).

The most expensive individual car  was the Majorette Peugeot 206WRC weighing in at a hefty 10.90 lari ($6.14) (almost as much as the whole Matchbox 5 pack).

Peugeot 206WRC

Majorette Peugeot 206WRC

I had been toying for a while about getting a model from the MajoretteRacing” series…I was considering more a Mitsubishi Pajero or Citroen C4 but opted in the end for this Peugeot. The relatively high price will deter me from seeking out further models in the series (though I maybe swayed by any Porsches).

The first vehicle of the month was the Land Rover Defender, which fits in nicely with the “outdoor” five pack I got later. As a child I remember my uncle had a much earlier casting of a Matchbox Land Rover.

The other Matchbox, I added to my collection were an Amphi-Flyer and a Street Cleaner. This Amphi Flyer has wheels hidden in the cushion, like earlier Matchbox hovercraft. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it will float, this will sink straight to the bottom of the garden pond!

Matchbox has always been my favourite brand but recently Hot Wheels have put out some very attractive models.

The first I bought this month was a typical US Muscle car a ’69 Dodge Coronet Superbee.

Then I found a new Pepela (Butterfly) store with a box full of Hot Wheels. In my first rummage I came away with a Pagani Huayra, a Toyota 2000GT (yellow) and the highlight for me a TV Series Batmobile. This reminds me of the old Corgi model.

TV Series Batmobile

TV Series Batmobile

A second trip resulted in some doubling up a second 2000GT and a second Batmobile.

Hot Wheels May 2014

Hot Wheels May 2014

I also picked up the light blue ’64 Lincoln Continental from Goodwill and a green ’71 Mustang Funny Car.

The Hot Wheels may all be part of the 2014 line up but they recall models of an earlier era. The Lincoln Continental reminds me of a Matchbox one I used to have but the Matchbox version had an opening boot (trunk) and wasn’t “lowered”. The Mustang Funny Car recalls the Matchbox Dodge Charger and VW “Dragon Wheels” from the early seventies, which also had body shells which lifted up.

On to June and more hunting of the diecast beasties….


4 thoughts on “Monthly Acquisitions: May 2014

    • Thanks, I’d been looking for the Batmobile for a while. Thought you might like the Land Rover 😉
      At least with 1:64 they’re easier to store. (than bigger scales)

  1. Nice finds! I like the travel trailer and, of course, the Batmobile. Is that packaging common? In the States, we’d call them “short cards” and they’re fairly rare.

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