Norev is a French diecast manufacturer like Majorette and Solido. I started my Norev collection with  three models acquired on a trip to Paris in 2012.

Norev "Retro"

Norev “Retro”

The three cars were “RETRO” models of fifties French cars: Citroën DS, Citroën 2CV and Renault Dauphine. Three iconic French cars, especially the Citroëns. The scales are between 1:54 for the Renault and the 2CV and 1:58 for the DS.

The models are “Designed in France” but made in China, like many other “European” brands.

Designed in France

Designed in France

Citroen 2CV in Paris

Citroen 2CV in Paris

I notice my 2CV has lost one of its lights since I took this photo in Paris.

Matchbox and Norev Citroen DS

Matchbox and Norev Citroen DS

The Norev Citroën DS is a slightly larger scale (1:58) than the recent Matchbox Citroën DS (1:65).




Norev do other scales including 1:43 and a nice Citroen SM in 1:18.

They also have a website Norev Website.

Since I initially wrote this article, I found a Renault 18TS in my local market, (this model was made in France) and a Mercedes C111 in a larger 1:43 scale, also made in France.


Norev Citroen DS, Renault 18TS and Mercedes C111

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