I don’t have many Pick-Ups in my collection. A Pick-Up is a small truck with an enclosed cab and open back. In my childhood my idea of a Pick-Up was the Ford Pick-Up from the Matchbox range which came with a white canopy. Growing up in South East England, I didn’t see too many Pick-Ups about. I use the hyphenated spelling because that is how I first came across it in the 1969 Matchbox Catalogue. I have also seen it as one word Pickup and two separate words Pick Up or Pickup Truck.

Matchbox 1969 Catalogue

Matchbox 1969 Catalogue

The first Pick-Up, I picked up for my current collection was also a Ford a Matchbox  Ford F150 Twin Cab Pick-Up.(scale 1:75)

To this I have added recently a couple of Hot Wheels Pick-Ups: a Yellow ’83 Chevy Silverado and a red Datsun 620.

Datsun 620, '83 Chevy Silverado and Ford F150

Datsun 620, ’83 Chevy Silverado and Ford F150

The Datsun was on my wants’ list for a long while, it reminds me of the red Ford Pick-Up I had as a kid.

In total I have six Pick-Ups in my collection. Perhaps the most interesting is a Moskvitch Pick-Up made in USSR (1:43 Scale) with opening doors and bonnet. I also have an unidentified red Pick-Up (the base simply says “Made in China”) and a Matchbox VW Saveiro Cross, which seems a little like a modern SUV.



Which do you prefer?

Now I have some more: more Pick-Ups



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