Jun Imai (Hot Wheels Designer)

I have found that many Hot Wheels I have collected recently have been designed by one man: Jun Imai.

Timeless 001

Some of these cars are copies of real vehicles others are from Jun Imai’s imagination.

Timeless 004

Avant Garde, Mad Manga and Ultra-Rage

I am not usually a fan of Imagination Vehicles but there are some exceptions. Mad Manga is a  casting  in a Japanese custom style called: Bosozoku. Extreme fenders, skirts, exhaust pipes and star graphics are what can be found. The styling also contains elements of the 70s Skyline. I made a post about  Mad Manga earlier. Ultra-Rage was a vehicle I got in a three pack I’m not sure what inspired its design. Avant Garde looks like a Citroen DS prototype, the model I have was one of the cars decorated to celebrate the Brazil World Cup (HW City-Goal), mine representing the French team, others were decorated to represent nine other teams, in the shops I ve seen the Hyundai Genesis (South Korea), Torque Twister (Argentina) and Audacious (Brazil). I haven’t see the model in England decorations Yur So Fast….but after the disappointing display of the England team in Brazil, I am not especially intent on finding it

Avant Gar

Avant Garde

HW 40

The first Jun Imai design listed on the Hot Wheels Wikia is Covelight, which I have in the Spiderman Venom guise. One of the most recent (2017) is the Nissan Fairlady 2000.


Covelight and Fairlady 2000

Here is a video clip of Jun Imai talking about the Fairlady 2000:

Jun Imai and the Farlady 2000

Jun Imai is responsible for introducing many JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) models into the Hot Wheels range.

JDM: Toyota AE 86 and Mazda RX 7

JDM: Toyota AE 86 and Mazda RX 7

The Mazda RX-7 has been flared-out in the Hot Wheels spirit of “speed, power and performance” with an aero kit inspired by the IMSA GTU RX-7 race cars, The name on the car, B. Ozaki, belongs to Brandon Ozaki, who works in Mattel’s painting group and owns a widebody RX-7 himself. His son’s initials are also B. Ozaki and was born on the 20th, hence the #20 on the door. The AE-86 is like the one in the Japanese Manga Initial D. It is also one of Jun Imai’s first designs.

Here is a link to a video clip of Jun Imai: Jun Imai

'65 Mustang fastback and '83 Chevy Silverado

’65 Mustang fastback and ’83 Chevy Silverado

Jun Imai also designs American vehicles like these two. My favourite of his designs is probably the Nissan Skyline H/t 2000 GT-X.

Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-X

Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-X

Here on the Hot Wheels Wiki are a selection of his designs comprising 44 vehicles Jun Imai Designs.


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