Gifts 2

“Never look a gift horse in the mouth,” they say, Whilst the vast majority of my collection has been bought by me, a small part has been given to me by various friends and relatives.

My lovely wife, Khatuna, has twice bought cars for my collection.

Lamboghini Gallardo and BMW X5 gifts from Khato

Lamboghini Gallardo and BMW X5 gifts from Khato

The Gallardo was most welcome. The BMW X5, however, is one of my least favourite cars along with other Chelsea tractors. Khato is now aware of this. Khato’s brother Paata gave me two cars, too. A lovely Kinsmart AC Cobra and a splendid GAZ Volga 24 in Airport Police livery from his own childhood and now rather playworn. A model made in USSR.

AC Cobra and GAZ Volga 24 from Paata

AC Cobra and GAZ Volga 24 from Paata

Irma, my first Georgian friend hinted she might get me a small car for my birthday, as she hasn’t a clue about cars I suggested a Jaguar or Porsche, figuring she was unlikely to go wrong if she got me an example of either brand (hoping she wouldn’t get me a Cayenne). I was in luck she gave me a 1:43 New Ray model of a Jaguar XJS Convertible.

Jaguar XJS Convertible

Jaguar XJS Convertible

I have also been lucky to receive model cars from two of my students, who I teach privately.


From Luka I got this Bburago Ferrari 599XX with accessories and a Hot Wheels Chevy “Gasser” both welcome additions to the collections.

From Rezo I got a charming Welly Citroen 2CV.

Thanks guys for the gifts they are all well appreciated (except maybe the X5).



As a child I had many toy cars from my parents, uncles and siblings none of which I still have.

An eclectic selection. It is not all a one way street either, I have given a few model cars as gifts. My godson Luka has had a few cars from me including a Batmobile, New VW Beetle, Ferrari 599 and Fisker Karma. I gave my brother in law, Paata a Ford Mustang Mach 1 (1970), and his son Tornike a Chevy Camaro. I gave my student Luka a BMW X5 (not the one Khato gave me) and Rezo a Chevy Camaro Convertible. Irma’s husband, Mark received a Morgan and Caravan from me, he is crazy about full size cars. I also gave another of my students,  Mr Gia a Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera he is thinking about getting a real one.



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