Diecasts mentioned in Literature

Aside from collecting Diecasts, reading has been a major hobby of mine throughout my life. When I find diecast cars in my reading it is like wow!

I have just finished reading The Shipping News by E Annie Proulx (a Pulitzer Prize winning novel). The protagonist Quoyle a middle aged man who had a loveless childhood recalls a distant Christmas.

“Did not like Christmas. Thought of the time his brother tore the wrappings off a complete set of Matchbox cars, the tiny intricate vehicles in wonderful colors. He must have gotten some toy, too, but remembered only flat soft packages that were pajamas or the brown and blue knit shirts his mother bought. “You grow so fast,” she accused. her eyes went back to the moderate-sized brother sending the Alfa Romeo into the red double-decker bus.” (page 275 of my copy)

Matchbox cars and Pullitzer Prize winning novels.

Matchbox cars and Pulitzer Prize winning novels.

A Noble Prize winner, Orhan Pamuk mentions miniature cars, too.

I’d sit on the large heavy carpets and invent a game to play on my own. Arranging the miniature cars that someone had brought me from Europe into an obsessively neat line, I would admit them one by one into my garage.

Quote from “Istanbul: Memories and the City” by Orhan Pamuk …the first Nobel Prizewinner in literature that I have read who mentions playing with model cars. (The quote is from the translation by Maureen Freely.)






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