Car Transporters

When I posted about Tow Trucks, marcboz commented “Car haulers are fun for displaying models too, Jim.”  Today, I found a Car Transporter that can accommodate six Hot Wheels cars comfortably.

Polistil Car Transporter

Polistil Car Transporter

On the box it states “Die Cast metal with plastic parts”…actually the cab is the only part which is diecast the trailer is plastic, also “Italian Design” but it is made in China. I remember Polistil from the eighties, they made a lot of diecast racing cars, but went bust in 1993. Looks like the name might be returning produced from the same Chinese stable as Bburago and Maisto.

The truck is not identified as any particular make, possibly because of licensing concerns.

Polistil car transporter.

Polistil car transporter.

The transporter cost 29 lari ($16.74), much easier on the wallet than a Siku transporter, I have seen here in Tbilisi at 76 lari ($43.86). What I would really like to find would be a DAF Car Transporter (K-11) from the Matchbox King Size range, I had one as a child.

Matchbox King size DAF Car Transporter

Matchbox King size DAF Car Transporter (1:66 scale)

Maybe I’ll find one on my next trip to England on the last trip I found a Matchbox King Size Guy Warrior Car Transporter (K8) from the sixties but it is missing some parts.

Matchbox Guy Transporter

Matchbox Guy Transporter (1:73 scale)

I also have a MAN Car Transporter, “Made in China ” of unknown brand. It carries just three 1:64 cars.

MAN CarTransporter

MAN Car Transporter

My Car Transporters

My Car Transporters


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