Monthly Acquisitions : August 2014

This post might be premature, as it is only 20 August. I have however spent 97 lari ($56.32) and I don’t wish to exceed 100 lari ($57.82) (having blown the budget in February, March, April and June). Surprisingly, I managed to last without buying another diecast until well into September.


Monthly Acquisitions August 2014

I have bought 13 vehicles. There have been two sources for these acquisitions.

Firstly: Tbilisi Mall…in July and August I have been teaching a student in Didi Dighomi, who lives just five minutes walk from Tbilisi Mall. The mall has three shops selling diecasts:

  1. The hypermarket Carrefour (which has the best prices for new Hot Wheels just 3.90 lari ($2.26) compared to 4.90 lari ($2.83) in other stores around the city).
  2. XS Toys…which has a very well stocked Hot Wheels section and some tempting larger scale Bburagos.
  3. Pepela…not as well stocked as their branch in Pekini Street.

The other source of diecasts this month was Drybridge Market.

The Polistil Car Transporter (29 lari= $16.77) from Carrefour was the biggest expense, but can easily accommodate six cars and makes for interesting displays, only the cab is diecast. The first vehicle I bought was the Matchbox Urban Tow Truck, which can also be used to display other vehicles, here you see it towing Hot Wheels Sweet Streets, a refreshment van, one of the few trucks in the Hot Wheels standard range. On the transporter there are five Hot Wheels American muscle cars, the three I bought new are: a Buick GSX, a Mercury Cougar and a ’67 Custom Mustang. I now have 22 Ford Mustangs in my collection, I find the ’67 and ’65 models especially hard to resist.

Mars Curiosity Rover...notice the different colour tyres

Mars Curiosity Rover…notice the different colour tyres

The final model is the Mars Curiosity Rover (Hot Wheels), I have two of these already but this one has different wheels (brown instead of black tyres). 

At Drybridge Market, I found a few models to add to my growing collection. The highlight of my collecting this month has been the Ferrari Berlinetta 250 Le Mans made by Corgi in about 1969.

Drybridge Market haul : August 2014

Drybridge Market haul : August 2014

A lovely model which I was happy to pick up for 20 lari ($11.56) ( see:  a good day at the market ) . I also found three Bburago models, Made in Italy…a Renault Clio 16v, Peugeot 405 RAID and a Lancia Delta S4 (with box). I also found two more Hot Wheels American Muscle cars: a Ford Thunderbolt and a Chevrolet Corvette (C2), like with Ford Mustangs, I find Chevrolet Corvettes, especially the second generation models difficult to resist and now have 18 Chevrolet Corvettes.

Unusually no Japanese Cars this month, nor any Soviet Cars or British Cars.

August 2014 haul:

  1. Buick GSX ’70                  Hot Wheels        3.90 lari      Carrefour
  2. ’67 Custom Mustang       Hot Wheels        4.90 lari        XS Toys
  3. Urban Tow Truck               Matchbox        4.50 lari        Carrefour
  4. Mercury Cougar                Hot Wheels       4.90 lari       XS Toys
  5. Ford Thunderbolt              Hot Wheels         2 lari         Drybridge Market
  6. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Hot Wheels     2 lari        Drybridge Market
  7. Car Transporter                 Polistil              29 lari            Carrefour
  8. Sweet Streets                      Hot Wheels     4.90 lari        Pepela
  9. Mars Curiosity Rover         Hot Wheels      3.90 lari       Carrefour
  10. Ferrari 250LM Berlinetta    Corgi                  20 lari         Drybridge Market
  11. Peugeot 405 RAID               Bburago              5 lari         Drybridge Market
  12. Renault Clio 16v                    Bburago              2 lari         Drybridge Market
  13. Lancia Delta S4 Rally            Bburago            10 lari          Drybridge Market

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