Census: Counting the Collection

Every few months I decide to count my diecasts. They are almost all on display, the shelves as you might imagine are rather crowded, it might be better if I circulated what is on display.

American Muscle Car Shelf

American Muscle Car Shelf

The first shelf is for American Muscle cars in 1:64 scale like Ford Mustangs, Dodges, Mercury Cougars etc… Most of these are Hot Wheels (31), some Matchbox (8), a couple of Maisto and  Majorette Mustang Convertible.

Shelf Count: 42

The next shelf by contrast is for East European Cars (apart from a Welly Syrena (Polish) the cars are all of Soviet Models like Volgas, Ladas  and Moskvitches. Some are made in USSR but most are made by DeAgostini in China. In the background Julian Nowill’s book “East European Cars” a great reference for cars from the Eastern block. Shelf Count:14

East European Cars

East European Cars

Shelf 3:  Veteran and Vintage Cars

Shelf 3: Veteran and Vintage Cars

Shelf 3 

Veteran and Vintage Cars this is mostly for pre WW2 cars like the Matchbox Models of Yesteryear and three models of a 1925 Panhard 35CV manufactured by Siharuli in Tbilisi. In the background two books about Corgi Toys and Dinky Toys by David Cooke. 

Shelf count: 15

Shelf 4 

Shelf 4: Italian Supercars

Shelf 4: Italian Supercars

Italian Supercars

This is the shelf for Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Isos, a DeAgostini Maserati Indy, De Tomaso Pantera GTS and Alfa Romeo Montreal. In the background a book about Supercars in Georgian.

Shelf Count: 27

Shelf 5: Trucks

Shelf 5: Trucks

Shelf 5: Trucks

As you can see this is not just for trucks. Some cars (mostly of unknown Chinese manufacture) are mixed in with the trucks. Quite a few of the trucks are Matchbox and there are a few cement mixers (I have a weakness for them).

Shelf count: 31

Shelf 6: German Cars: Mercedes, Porsche and Audi

Shelf 6: German Cars: Mercedes, Porsche and Audi

Shelf 6: German Cars

Mercedes, Porsche and Audi

This shelf also has a few automotive related badges from the Soviet Era.

Shelf count: 19

Shelf 8: Japanese cars

Shelf 8: Japanese cars

Shelf 7 (not shown): This is a mix of new models, packaging and catalogues. 

Shelf Count: 31

Shelf 8: This is for my Japanese Cars. I have been actively looking for Hot Wheels models of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) vehicles. There is a solitary Korean Hyundai amidst all the Japanese models. I particularly like the Tomica Toyota Crown and the Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF, Toyota 2000GT and ’70 Toyota Celica. Like with the American Muscle Cars most of these are Hot Wheels.

Shelf Count: 41

Shelf 9: Chevrolet 

I had so many Chevrolets they have a shelf exclusively for the marque. This shelf includes my largest model a Maisto 1970 Chevrolet Corvette in 1:24 Scale. 

Shelf 9: Chevrolet

Shelf 9: Chevrolet

Shelf Count: 37

Shelf 10: 6 models

Shelf 11: Emergency Services for Police Cars of the World, ambulances and Fire Vehicles. Shelf count : 23

Shelf 12: Racing Cars: shelf count :17

Shelf 13: Mixed small scale around 1:64. Shelf count: 39

Shelf 14: Larger scale around 1:32 to 1:43. Shelf count: 15

Shelf 15: This is for ჩინური ხარახურა (Chinuri Kharakhura), basically “Chinese crap”. These are cars if kids visit, they can play with these cars, crash them race them on the Hot Wheels track. They are not all made in China but they are models I don’t mind getting a few knocks.

On the opposite side of the room my brother-in-law Paata has put up some shelves.

the Top Shelf just has a Bburago 1:32 Ford Capri, a Metro 1:43 Alfa Romeo and a Hot Wheels USS Enterprise. 

  1. Ford and AC. Shelf count: 9
  2. Sixties Cars. Shelf count: 9
  3. Porsche. Shelf count: 20
  4. Mixture including US Convertibles and Royal Mail vans. Shelf count: 19
  5. 1:43 scale Soviet cars. Shelf count: 10
  6. British Sports and Prestige cars (Lotus, Jaguar, Aston Martin, TVR etc…). Shelf count: 18
  7. Fifties Cars. Shelf count: 6
  8. Mixture including two Mars Curiosity Rovers. Shelf count: 12

There are also a few models in other places like a Hot Wheels Carbonator in the kitchen as it is also a bottle opener.

the glass cabinets

the glass cabinets

Paata's Shelves

Paata’s Shelves


501 Models

153 Hot Wheels, 93 Matchbox, 33 Kinsmart, 30 DeAgostini, 21 Majorette, 20 Maisto, 20 Siku, 12 Welly, 11 Corgi and 88 models from other manufacturers.

Details of the different models can be found in other posts in this blog.


5 thoughts on “Census: Counting the Collection

  1. Wow, some collection. My kids have had fun looking at your photos to see how many they have the same. They have a very large collection now or rather it seemed large until we read your total of 501.

    • I’m glad they had fun looking at my collection. You have an interesting collection of 1:1 cars…I’m currently using public transport. I read somewhere the average adult Hot Wheels collector has something like 1300 cars…so I ve some way to go to match that…

      • Eek 1300 cars! Not sure how many cars my girls have between them, probably around 150 now which we thought was quite a sizable collection for a couple of girls 🙂

      • From the Wikipedia about Hot Wheels…the section on collecting… “Mattel estimates that 41 million children grew up playing with the toys, the average collector has over 1,550 cars, and children between the ages of 5 and 15 have an average of 41 cars.” ….the 1550 does seem rather excessive but I know some crazy collectors through Facebook Hot Wheels groups….

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