Package from Estonia

I had 4 Panhards made by Sikharuli in Tbilisi, a Facebook friend in Estonia was interested in these. So as an experiment I sent him one. The postal service here in Georgia is rather basic and unpredictable. The cost of postage was higher than the cost of the car. Viljar told me he’d send something…

Estate Cars or Station Wagons

Estate cars or station wagons are practical but not usually as pleasing on the eye as a sports car. A car with a comparatively long body containing a large carrying space, reached through a rear door: usually the back seats can be folded forward to increase the carrying space. My father had a few estate cars,to carry around the…

Batman on Mars

Robin:                             Holy Cow, Batman, where are we? Mars Curiosity Rover:   Er….Houston, we have a problem! Hot Wheels TV Series Batmobile and Mars Curiosity Rover.

Some Corgis

An exotic line up of supercars ready to race. In the Corgi Catalogue of 1969 they had the Porsche and Ferrari lined up with a Mustang. I haven’t found the Mustang yet but the Lamborghini seemed a suitable substitute (even sporting the same number 7).

Hot Wheels: Doubles

Some castings, I like so much I might get a second (or sometimes a third model). The Dodge Demons in blue and orange complement each other. Wheel variants on the Mars Curiosity Rover. I started with a pair of Dodges, I’ll finish with three Dodge Charger Daytonas, I love this casting it is so over…